Small Animal Chews and Nibbles

Small animals LOVE to chew!!!  In fact, they’ve chewed their way so well throughout evolution that nature now has no stop point in rodents’ tooth development.  While this constant replenishment is very handy in nature, a caged environment can lack the necessary materials to keep up with this strong innate desire.  If rodent teeth are left underused, they can grow so long that the animal suffers severe health issues.  Maxi Zoo has a variety of tools to prevent this from happening, including:

• Sturdy plastic toys designed to hold up against rodent teeth

• Wooden bridges, houses and sticks for a natural chew

• Play tubes for the animals to chew, as well as play, hide and sleep in!

• Plus more!!!

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  • Burgess Excel

  • JR Farm

  • Karlie

  • Super Pet

  • Vitakraft


TIP #1

Rabbits and rodents not only enjoy chewing, but also must chew to keep their ever growing teeth whittled down

TIP #2

Ensure your cage includes at least one wooden structure for your pets to chew

TIP #3

Keep in mind that anything in the cage is fair game for chewing, and avoid toys or objects not specifically designed for these animals. Even common objects such as toilet paper rolls may contain ingredients that are fine for humans, but toxic when ingested by a small creature

TIP #4

Rabbits’ teeth never stop growing, so important they always have a chew item to wear teeth down


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