Small Animal Food and Treats

Small animals are known scavengers in the wild, and probably have the most varied diets of any household pets.  Even the term “small animal” carries variation, as this term can mean anything from a rabbit to hairless mice to degus.  Maxi Zoo loves ALL animals, and carries a wide assortment in foods and treats to cater for our favourite foragers, including:

• Complete bagged foods for a variety of species and life cycles

• A smorgasbord of loose foods for you to tailor-create your own mixes!

• Snacks in all varieties of nature’s goodness

• Plus more!!!


Call into your local store today to discuss your small animal’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts




TIP #1

Small animals’ diets should include vegetables and some fruit to keep teeth short and fur shiny. However never feed avocado or guacamole to ANY animal, as it is toxic to most.

TIP #2

Rabbits have a sweet tooth! Try sweet flavoured rabbit drops to appease these cravings, but as with any animal do not overfeed snacks or it will lead to obesity

TIP #3

Pellet and block foods are a great way to ensure your small animal doesn’t selectively choose their favourite items from a mix.


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