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First aid for cats

13.02.2023 - Reading time: 1 minutes

Eine Katze liegt und schaut vor sich her.

Choking, injuries or burns: What you can do while waiting for the vet to arrive.


An emergency with your cat can happen out of the blue. You should therefore always have a first aid kit handy. You should also consider taking a first aid course. This is offered by some vets’ surgeries and there are organisations that also regularly offer first aid courses. Here you can learn how to dress a paw or ear and what to do if an animal is unconscious. Save the telephone numbers for the veterinary emergency service or the nearest veterinary clinic in your mobile phone – this way you will always be prepared.

If a medical emergency should arise: Bring your pet clear of the danger zone, ensure your own safety, inform a vet and stabilise your pet – depending on the emergency this can mean attending to wounds or keeping vital functions going.

In the case of an emergency you should:

    1. Keep calm
    2. Call the vet or clinic
    3. Check and maintain vital functions
    4. Carry out first aid in the case of life-threatening injuries


Paw injuries:



Check vital signs:

First aid for cats in easy steps


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