A Gallery of Cat Breed Portraits with Important Facts and Tips

Each cat has its very own characteristics and physical features. The different cat breeds also need different training and care. Here you will find breed profiles with the most important facts and tips for your house cat.

Bengal cat – the mini leopard on the sofa

The Bengal cat is also known as the Bengal cat or Leopardette. Although it looks like a miniature cat of prey, it is one of the particularly friendly pedigree cats. It is not only beautiful, but also very cuddly and extremely playful.

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Cat breeds at a glance

The sleek, mysterious hunters couldn’t differ more in their nature and appearance. All cats do of course have their unique origins. Which of the four-legged friends would suit you best? Find out!

Where does the pedigree cat originate from?

Pedigree cat or domestic cat?

Which cat is right for me?

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