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Animal health

Your four-legged friend’s health comes first. Discover our wide range of special diet food, care products and protective agents and learn more about how to prevent illnesses and how to best support your pet in case of illness.

Our brands for animal health

Sick pet? Don’t just ask anyone - ask Maxi Zoo!

Tips and information to maintain the health of your pet, what you can do if your dog or cat has become ill and information about various diseases.

Please observe the following instructions

  • Any veterinary diet should only be used in consultation with a veterinary surgeon.
  • When administering veterinary dietetic feed, a veterinary surgeon should be consulted for a check-up at least every 6 months.
  • If the pet’s condition deteriorates when it is eating this feed, seek veterinary advice immediately.

By choosing and putting the selected diet food in the shopping basket, you confirm that you have read and understood the instructions shown above. 

VET dietary feed: order special food online

VET animal feed: premium feed for your pet’s special needs

VET feed to keep dogs and cats healthy

Hypoallergenic feed: VET products from Maxi Zoo

VET animal feed for diabetes and obesity

Which VET animal feed is still available?

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