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Ein Kitten schläft auf dem Tisch.


There is an amazing number of interesting things to learn about these sleek, mysterious hunters, about their nature and their unusual bodies. Our Cats Magazine brings you the latest news about the beautiful house cat and shows you which food and what kind of care will keep your cat healthy and fit. You can get to know the most beautiful breeds and their characteristics in fascinating profiles.

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Starting your new routine in the Covid-19 era with your pet

When working at home, in a Zoom meeting, in the office, on numerous walks and evenings on the sofa, our pets are always by our side. However, new challenges are constantly arising these days. We help you prepare for them with your animal friend and provide you with lots of information and tips.


Here you can find all the important information to do with Covid-19.

Cat health

Eine Katze umgreift sanft eine Hand mit ihren Pfoten.

Learn everything about the most common feline illnesses, how you can correctly identify them, and how to treat them.

Cat breeds

Zwei Katzen sitzen nebeneinander und eine schaut die andere von der Seite an

Each cat has its very own characteristics and physical features. The different cat breeds also need different training and care. Here you will find breed profiles with the most important facts and tips for your house cat.

Kittens and baby cats

Eine Babykatze schläft in einer Decke eingewickelt

You want to welcome a kitten into your home? Get useful tips for your young cat and prepare everything for your kitten!

Cat care & hygiene

Eine Katze schnurrt.

Cats are very tidy animals and love cleanliness. You can read more about how you can help them with fur & body care as well daily hygiene in the Maxi Zoo guide.

Cat nutrition

Eine Katze frisst.

The market for cat food is huge. Different manufacturers offer a variety of brands and types of wet and dry food. There is another difference in types of cat food: complete feed and feed supplement.

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