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The Maxi Zoo Exclusive Brands - Perfectly tailored to your needs

Select Gold
  • SELECT GOLD offers functional nutritional concepts for dogs, cats and small animals.
  • Premium quality, optimally adapted to the needs of different sizes and life phases.
Real Nature
  • Are you interested in a natural diet for your pet? Then REAL NATURE is the right place for you.
  • REAL NATURE passes on the best of nature to your pet – with premium and natural ingredients without the addition of artificial colours and flavours.
Dogs Creek
  • Durable leashes, hard wearing toys and practical solutions for snacks and breaks in between – Dogs Creek products are perfect for your outdoor adventure.
  •  All Dog’s Creek products are of premium quality and robust fabrication.
  • A joyfully appealing brand designed for the whole family is always the right choice.
  • MultiFit offers you a wide range of uncomplicated and species-appropriate products for all our big and small friends.
  • AniOne offers the right accessories for every occasion.
  • From varied toys that are perfectly colour-coordinated to meet different needs, to cuddly sleeping and lying places, to fashionable leashes and functional transport articles.
Naturally Good
  • NATURALLY GOOD – these are high-quality accessories for dogs and cats, made almost exclusively from natural, renewable raw materials – carefully selected and lovingly fabricated.
  • All items are tested for harmful substances.
  • PREMIERE stands for premium products that offer delicious food without the addition of artificial colours and flavours.
  • PREMIERE pampers your pet while feeding them high quality food.
More For
  • MORE FOR products stands for premium quality and optimum functionality.
  • High quality pet accessories.
  • Show your dog or cat that the moments you share are special with a unique reward.
  • Moments are gently prepared,  natural products free from additives.
PetBalance Medica
  • PetBalance Medica offers a holistic range of therapeutic dietary feed developed under the guidance of experienced specialists in the field of veterinary nutrition.
  • Dry and wet foods are included in the holistic concept, covering a wide range of nutritional solutions.
PetBalance Support
  • Discover premium supplements and care products.
  • Developed together with veterinarians and feed experts, for prevention against common ailments and active support during periods of higher stress.
  • TAKE CARE is your expert with a heart when it comes to animal care, protection and hygiene.
  • Buy the best for your pet.
Fit + Fun
  • Accessories, wet or dry food: you can find them all in the  FIT+FUN range.
  • At an unbeatably low price.
  • Our BioPlan brand offers dog and cat owners organic products at a great price.
  • All products from the BioPlan range are certified according to the EC Eco Regulation and are high quality – this is what the Bio-EU seal stands for.

The most frequently asked questions about our exclusive brands

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