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Ragdoll - Impressive Cat with a Gentle Nature Makes It a Real Family Member

01.01.2024 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ragdoll: Charakter, Pflege Haltung

When she is lying relaxed on her owner’s arm, the Ragdoll almost looks like a plush toy. This lovable characteristic has also earned her the ragdoll moniker. In fact, the fluffy creature with the friendly disposition is the largest pedigree cat in the world.


Newsletter Ragdoll

medium to large, up to 40 cm shoulder height and 120 cm head-tail length
Female 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms, male 6.5 to 10 kilograms
strong, long-legged and muscular, shoulder height up to 40 cm, broad chest, bushy tail, round paws
head shape
average sized and v-shaped, ears with small wisps of hair, round snout with pronounced chin
oval and light blue
Coat and colour
semi-longhair, silky soft texture, recognized colours are black, lilac, blue and chocolate with various patterns
Coat care
comb several times a week
Special features
body usually relaxes when lifted and quite slack
devoted, gentle, playful, steadfast

This noteworthy XXL feline has found its way from the United States to Europe and is purring its way into the hearts of a growing fan base. If you have enough room in your home and would like a cat with dog-like devotion, the Ragdoll is perfect for you: you gain a friend for life.

Ragdoll: nature, keeping and care

Ragdoll cats are gentle and balanced, but cannot handle being alone. Feeling lonely? Not with a Ragdoll close by because the feline always wants to be right beside you. If you cannot provide the cat with constant company she will surely need a companion. As your attention is more important to her than being outside, the Ragdoll can also be kept as an indoor cat. Sufficient space is required however, due to her considerable size. Despite her impressive body the Ragdoll is very deft and does not tend towards clumsiness, daring manoeuvres through the apartment or uncontrolled frolicking. However, she is very playful, funny and child-loving. If she has a reason to meow, for example as a protest or to get your attention, she can reach a considerable volume.

Care for the Ragdoll

The Ragdoll’s coat appears more maintenance-intensive than it really is. It hardly mats and seldom forms knots. Occasional brushing is generally sufficient to keep the silky coat neat and tidy. During shedding daily brushing is recommended to remove the loose hairs. Ragdolls tend to put on fat on their underbelly. That’s why you should regularly check adult cats weight. Young animals with quick growth spurts may occasionally have increased nutritional needs. Please ensure that equipment, scratching posts and lounging areas have very good stability and suitable dimensions for your “giant cat”.

Ragdoll colours

The colour spectrum of the Ragdoll includes black, blue, lilac and chocolate. This includes some colour variations like colourpoint, bicolour, and mitted (with white paws). As a “masked cat”, the Ragdoll has dark colouring on the head, ears, legs and tail. However the markings are not fully pronounced until the cat is about 2 years old.

Zwei Radgoll Kitten liegen auf einem weißen Teppich

History of the Ragdoll

A patented cat: the impressive Ragdoll is the only cat breed that has been registered with a patent. Breeding began in the 1960s in California. The ancestress of all Ragdoll cats was a long-haired female named Josephine. She had a litter of noticeably large kittens with semi-long fur and blue eyes. The cat lover Ann Baker adopted a male and started a legally protected breeding line with him. Thus began the Ragdoll’s success story: since the 1980s these special cats have also become known over here.

Ragdoll characteristics

The fact that the cat’s body goes slack when it is lifted up has nothing to do with reduced pain tolerance on the part of the animal, which is what researchers initially suspected. Rather, this characteristic is attributed to their great trust in humans. Like other large cat breeds, Ragdolls and the male cats in particular are predisposed to heart disease. When choosing an animal, you should therefore look for a recognised breeder. Of course, this is no guarantee for the health of the cat.

Video: “Everything about the Ragdoll”


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