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Hurray, your kitten is here!

Training and keeping kittens occupied

So that your kitten is able to develop into a happy and well-integrated member of the family, training and keeping your kitten appropriately occupied is essential.

Can cats be trained?

Kitten im neuen Zuhause

Cats can be trained, but their learning behaviour differs from that of dogs. With the right approach and a little patience it is possible to train your kitten.

Tips for training your kitten

  • Reward positive behaviour with praise, treats or stroking to motivate your kitten.
  • Be patient and consistent during training and use clear commands or gestures.
  • Accept your kitten’s natural instincts and work with them instead of trying to control them.
  • Respect your kitten’s limitations and build a loving and positive relationship with it.

Training is not a one-off activity, but rather a continuous process. By investing in your kitten’s training from the outset you are laying the groundwork for a fulfilled and harmonious pet-owner relationship.

Keeping kittens appropriately occupied

Kitten spielt mit einem Spielzeug

Through targeted and varied activities you can ensure that your kitten is physically and mentally occupied. Play and exercise not only promote their physical fitness but also their natural hunting instinct. Make sure that your kitten is regularly occupied so that it doesn’t get bored.

Tips and ideas for occupying your kitten

  • Interactive toys: Toy fishing rods or interactive balls appeal to your kitten’s natural hunting instincts.


  • Climbing and scratching opportunities: Provide your kitten with access to scratching posts, climbing frames or scratching boards so it is able to sharpen its claws and explore its surroundings.


  • Hiding places and places to rest: Create little places to retreat to for your kitten, where it can feel safe and secure.


  • Intellectual challenges: Offer your kitten mental challenges or toys which involve having to find food in order to promote their mental capacity.


  • Playing together: Make time to actively play with your kitten on a regular basis and form a bond with it.


  • Varied surroundings: Provide your kitten with different playing areas and a variety of toys to prevent boredom.

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