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Hurray, your kitten is here!

Kitten health and care

Good care and health are crucial for the wellbeing and development of your kitten. We have summarised for you the most important information regarding healthcare, looking after your kitten and insurance policies.

Tips and recommendations straight from the vet

Kitten frisst aus einem Napf

It is advisable to choose a veterinary practice in your area before your kitten arrives. When looking for a suitable vet, you can ask your friends for recommendations or simply make an appointment to meet them for the first time.

Answers to the most important questions about your kitten's health

How often should I have my kitten vaccinated?

How can I protect my kitten from worm infestation?

Why does my kitten have diarrhea?

Should I bathe my kitten from time to time?

How much exercise does my kitten need?

How often should I take my kitten to the vet?

How can I help my kitten avoid dental problems?

How can I stop my kitten from scratching walls or objects?

Regular care pays off

Kitten wird mit einer Bürste gekämmt

Regular care is essential for laying the foundations for maintaining your kitten’s health. By following a care routine you can ensure that your kitten develops healthily and happily.

Here are a few important points for your care routine:

  • Regular brushing of fur
  • Dental care
  • Regular veterinary check-ups
  • Vaccinations and parasite control

Things you should attend to in good time

Katze döst entspannt auf Podest

In addition to taking care of your kitten there are a few important things that need to be organised, ideally before your kitten moves in.

Insurances and preparations

  • Find a veterinary practice nearby:
    Not only to get your kitten chipped but also for important vaccinations or in emergency cases you should know a veterinarian you can turn to with questions or for recommendations.


  • Liability insurance:
    If your kitten causes damage, liability insurance can cover the costs incurred.


  • Health insurance:
    With health insurance for your cat, you can protect yourself against unforeseen veterinary costs.

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