Beagle - a Popular and Intelligent Dog Breed with a Great Sense of Smell

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Ein Beagle steht auf einer Lichtung

Of course you will be familiar with the most famous beagle in the world – Snoopy – the aviator ace on top of his dog house. His real breed representatives are considered paragons of good nature and philanthropy, but also stubbornness. Their character makes the spotted hounds ideal family dogs, especially if you have small children or babies in the house.


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Great Britain
Hounds, bloodhounds and related breeds
33 to 40 centimetres shoulder height
9 to 18 kilograms (average 10 kilograms)
Compact, muscular, high set, thick tail
Dark brown or hazel with a soft expression
Low-lying floppy ears
Coat and colour
Structure dense and water-repellent; black-white-brown colour or bicolour in white with brown, red or citrus shade
Special features
Extremely friendly character, food-obsessed
Good-natured and friendly, loves exercise
Easy-care; brush, occasionally give a short shower and towel
Predisposition to disc degeneration, joint and eye diseases

Golden period at the Tudor court

The origins of the breed can be traced back to ancient times. The first written mention of the Beagle was in Tudor England. Large packs of animals originally bred as herding and hauling dogs were kept at the royal court. They were primarily used for rabbit hunting. The Beagle has been officially recognised as a separate dog breed since 1890. According to the current breed standard, the size of the Beagle is about 33 to 40 centimetres at the shoulder. Earlier breeding lines were significantly smaller – the dogs had to fit in a saddlebag.

Character of the Beagle

The Beagle is a very sociable, lovable and peaceful dog that rarely shows aggressive behaviour towards people and is friendly even with strangers. This disqualifies him for use as a fierce watchdog – a beagle is simply too nice (and bribable) to demand respect.

Nevertheless, Beagles have an unshakable self-confidence and a certain stubbornness. This results from their ability to independently find solutions to problems. The Beagle bonds closely with its owners. A small weakness in its character is its obsession with food. If the opportunity to steal some food arises, a Beagle will never let it pass by unexploited.

Training and husbandry of the Beagle

Companionship and exercise are the most important factors in Beagle ownership. The Beagle needs plenty of stimulation and exercise to let off steam. Long walks in areas with exciting scent trails are just right for it. Once on a scent, the Beagle will not be easily stopped and will set the direction because sniffing is in its blood. For this reason, the Beagle is also used today as a professional tracking dog.

Thanks to its small size, it can also be kept indoors, but a home with a garden suits it much better. However, the garden should be escape-proof. Low fences are no obstacle to a Beagle chasing the neighbor’s cat and, if necessary, it can dig its way to freedom. Avoid boredom so that your four-legged friend doesn’t get such crazy ideas.

Despite all the gentleness, the Beagle is not a beginner’s dog – the working and hunting dog always comes to the fore in the Beagle character, which is why you should bring experience, assertiveness and a lot of patience to the table for training. The most important lesson is that the dog must be obedient when you call, promptly respond to its name and come back to you when you want it – no matter how great the scent smells.

Care of the Beagle

While the short Beagle coat is undemanding and gets by with occasional brushing and a shower with dog shampoo if necessary, you should pay special attention to ear care. The floppy ears tend to inflammations.

Also pay attention to the Beagle’s waistline. This always hungry four-legged friend tends to obesity, which must be counteracted with sufficient exercise. Depending on the size of the dog, an adult Beagle weighs between 10 and 18 kilos. Also check the claws regularly and trim them if necessary. Beagles can live up to 15 years.

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