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Product Evaluations

20.05.2022 - Reading time: 1 minutes


Do you have questions about product evaluations or would you like to know how customer questions and answers work? You can find all of the relevant information here!

Information on product evaluations

How can I evaluate a product?

  • On every product page, an evaluation can be submitted by clicking on Evaluate Product, regardless of whether the product has been purchased in a store or in the Online Shop.
  • In My Account under Orders, you can submit an evaluation of products you have ordered at any time.
  • If you are registered for the Maxi Zoo Newsletter, you will automatically be sent an email with an evaluation request 21 days after an online order.

Can I delete or change my evaluation?

How often can I submit an evaluation of a product?

How and by whom are the evaluations reviewed?

When is an evaluation rejected?

When is it a good idea to submit an evaluation?

Information on customer questions and answers

Who can I ask if I ave a question about a product?

  • On any product page, click on Ask a Question.

Can I delete/change my question or answer?

Where can I see whether a question as more than one answer?

How and by whom are customer questions and answers checked?

Why was my questions or answer rejected?

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