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Elo - Lovable Family Dog with a Relaxed Nature Makes Him Even More Likable

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Elo Hund steht im Garten

The Elo is considered a relaxed and friendly family dog which also gets on well with children. Due to cross-breeding with various breeds, the appearance varies widely. Ideally, he has no hunting instinct and is therefore a relaxed partner for walks. However, a certain degree of stubbornness and willfulness are equally part of his nature, which makes him all the more likable.


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Elo (Eloschaboro)
Family and companion dog
medium-sized; shoulder height Large Elo up to 60 centimetres, Small Elo up to 45 centimetres
Large Elo up to 35 kilograms, Small Elo up to 15 kilograms
robust, compact, rolled tail over the back, straight back
brown to black colourings
pointed erect ears
Coat and colour
powerful coat with undercoat; rough hair and smooth hair, all colours allowed to merle, pure white with flecks preferred
Special features
deliberately bred as a family dog
friendly, laid back, playful, loyal, stubborn, robust, resilient
tendency to distichiasis (double eyelashes)
brush regularly, do not wash if possible

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Developed through a breeding project

The Elo has been bred since 1987. The goal of the breeding: to create a robust, balanced breed that would be perfected suited to family life by crossing Eurasier, Bobtails and Chow-Chows. The breeding project was initially referred to as “Eloschaboro”. The breed primarily involved – Eurasiers and Bobtails – are still being interbred. To expand the genepool, Samoyeds and Dalmatians were later added.

The short form of “Eloschaboro” – Elo – became accepted as the breed name. Because the breed is not yet internationally recognised, it is considered a “brand” which is only given as a license to breeding associations, meaning that breeders are subject to strict guidelines. Alongside the original Elo, there are also smaller variants which have additionally been crossed with the Pekinese, Miniature and Standard Spitz and the Japanese Spitz.

The personality of the Elo

With the Elo, the personality is the most important thing, while coat colour and type are secondary. For this reason, the Elo – bred as a family and companion dog is generally exceptionally friendly and calm, but also possesses a certain amount of self-confidence. He is patient with children, has a high threshold for frustration, is robust and resilient. He has no hunting instinct, or at least not a pronounced one, and also does not tend to bark.

The Elo loves long walks and enjoys dog sports. If properly acclimated, he can also stay alone for several hours. His adaptable nature makes him a wonderful family dog, a companion for singles or a best friend for the elderly.

Training and keeping an Elo

Because this playful dog can sometimes be adorably stubborn, it is a good idea to attend a puppy or obedience school with him. As a rule, keeping this dog requires affectionate but consistent training – otherwise the dog may be the one who calls the shots.

Thanks to his uncomplicated nature, the Elo can live in both a city flat or a house with a garden – provided he receives sufficient physical and mental stimulation.

Caring for your Elo

The coat is easy to look after. If you brush and comb it on a regular basis, particularly when it is growing, you will prevent matting. In the dog’s first year of life you should not wash its coat at all and only later on if it is absolutely necessary. In particular, make sure not to have the dog clipped in the summer, as this does permanent damage to the coat and can result in the top coat falling out.

Special features of the Elo

Although the Elo is bred for robust health, it does have a tendency to the eye disease known as distichiasis. This is where the eyelashes grow in the direction of the eye, which can damage the cornea. Pay special attention to the length of the eyelashes and trim them if necessary.

If you would like to buy an Elo puppy make sure that you approach a responsible breeder who is registered with the Elo Breeding and Research Community (EZFG).

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