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English Bulldog – Self-Confident and Stubborn with a Soft Side

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Eine Englische Bulldogge liegt in einem Wohnzimmer

They have a fearsome look and always seem to be thinking who to bite next. This is all a misconception, English bulldogs are loving dogs with gentle souls and big hearts.


Newsletter English Bulldog

English Bulldog
Mastiff pinscher and schnauzer
39–41 cm at shoulder height
25 kg (males), 23 kg (females)
short body with large chest, large heat with a short bite and hanging cheeks
deep and wide apart
Rose ears
Coat and colour
white single colour, brown, reddish, yellow or patchy, occasionally with a “mask”
Special features
cosy character with wit and charm
confident, proud and headstrong, sensitive, cuddly, needs lots of love and placid
occasional brushing
sensitive to heat, prone to obesity, hip problems, allergies and breathing problems

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From the battlefield to family dog

Their fearsome look was bred into them. These so-called “Bund dogs” were mentioned in documents in 13th century England. They were used as bull dogs and were also known to have shown their strength and fearlessness over large periods of time in dog fights. Since then these have thankfully been banned. In 1864 the first “Bulldog club” opened its doors in Great Britain with the task of reviving the breed and making them trusty family dogs.

Character of an English bulldog

English bulldogs combine traits such as pride, self confidence and stubbornness with a softer side. These dogs are remarkably sensitive. Their softness is displayed in their need to be cuddled and loved and their friendliness towards children. They are not fans of rejection. They must always be sure of their owner’s love. Bulldogs are active and bright but they do have an inclination towards cosiness, since this is better for them and their fitness levels. They are much happier simply chilling than sweating buckets. They also have a cheeky side. These dogs can be real clowns and love to make their owners laugh and get their attention and praise.

Training and keeping an English bulldog

When training English bulldogs, pressure and coercion isn’t the right way to do it. They may come across as being stubborn but they can be easily trained to be cooperative housemates with persistency and loving consistency. These dogs can be mistrustful towards strangers, they will take a stance to show off their muscular physique without becoming aggressive. If you want a dog to act as a discrete bodyguard then with the English bulldog you will have a reliable and loyal pet on your side. When surrounded by those they trust, this breed shows its best side and will always be after petting. A close connection to their human family is very important. English bulldogs usually get on well with other bulldogs and other breeds so long as they are not attacked. If they are, then they will show their strengths. Since they don’t need to exercise as much they are also good to keep in the city, just make sure they do get out once a day and walk in green spaces.

Nahaufnahme einer Englischen Bulldogge.

Caring for an English bulldog

Occasional brushing is sufficient on their short coats. Using the brush as a massage is a good idea as it helps their circulation. These already large animals are prone to obesity and, therefore, breathing and joint problems. Make sure that your dog doesn’t become too fat especially since English bulldogs like to beg, have a good appetite on their day. Special care is needed with the skin folds on their face. To avoid infections these need to be wiped regularly with baby wipes. Sadly, due to their breeding, English bulldogs have short noses which makes them prone to breathing problems. Thankfully nowadays, breeders are trying to avoid this extremely well built-in feature of the breed. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder, contact your local animal welfare society to check with them.

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