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Eurasier – a Modern Friendly Family Dog with a Teddy-Bear Look

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein Eurasier steht auf einer Wiese.

An Eurasier is a good choice for families who are looking for an interesting, loving, active and cuddle-needy companion. This charming dog breed is sure to impress with their balanced nature, love of exercise and a close family connection. It’s like a living teddy bear!


Newsletter Eurasier

Spitz and original breed, Asian Spitzs and related breeds
Male 52 to 60 cm – Female 48 to 56 cm
Males 23 to 32 kg – Females 18 to 26 kg
stands up in a rectangular shape, similar to spitzs, average weight
black, average size and slightly canted
covered in fur, triangular pointy ears with a round tip
Coat and colour
thick undercoat and average-length topcoat, many colours and colour combinations
Special features
regularly falsely available as a chow-chow or spitz mix – check their breeding precisely
eager to learn, alert, clingy, self confident and loving
young, robust breed; so far without breed-typical diseases

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Medium-sized family dog to cuddle

Eurasiers are a modern breed that first emerged in the last century. Unlike most of their relatives, they were not bred for working purposes, rather as an average to large-sized family dog. Until this point, it was predominantly small companion dogs – the idea behind the Eurasier was to fill this gap. Their starting points were chow-chows and wolfsspitzs and the this was expanded in the 1970s with Samoyed genes. The Eurasier was born and recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) as a breed! To this day these friendly and attractive dogs continue conquering the hearts of families.

Character of a Eurasier

If you want to describe an Eurasier with one word then “balanced” would be it. They are self-confident but at the same time quiet and calm at the same time. They have a high degree of patience and won’t be annoyed quickly. This is a huge advantage in an active family home. Despite their inner peace this gentle spitz-type breed is certainly not boring! They are intelligent, alert and willing to learn. They look on strangers with a critical eye and will keep their distance. They are neither prone to aggression or want to chase things. The Eurasier has just one great passion – their owners. They are very affectionate and always enjoy getting attention and care. They usually get on well with others of their breed.

Training and keeping

The characteristics of the Eurasier’s ancestors would leave us to believe that these loving family dogs want to be treated with respect and consistency. They love people and are always willing to do things for us. However, they may question some commands and make their own decisions on occasion. With a calm, consistent lead these fluffy companions can be well trained. In terms of daily physical activity, the Eurasier is similar to other similar breeds. They enjoy activities, however, they aren’t in any rush to do them. Due to their high level of intelligence they need variety – routine will bore them very quickly. Obedience and skill games are, on the other hand, exciting and useful activities for them.

Zwei Eurasier Welpen spielen miteinander.

Caring for a Eurasier

The Eurasier has relatively high grooming requirements, as it really needs to be brushed regularly several times a week. If this is not done, knots will form in its hair, which can only be removed painfully. The Eurasier should not be clipped. Despite regular grooming, the fuzzy dog will leave hair all over the house. You should also be aware of this if you plan to get a Eurasier.

Peculiarities and health

So far, this young breed is considered to be extremely robust. Frequently occurring breed diseases are not known. Because the Eurasier is gaining more and more popularity, many crossbreeds and “cheap puppies” can be found on the market. It is therefore highly recommended to choose a breeder who is registered with the German Kennel Club (VDH) or another recognised club.

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