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German Spitz – Happy and Attentive Guard, Companion and Family Dog

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein Deutscher Spitz schaut direkt in die Kamera.

In the olden days, German spitzs were ever present as family and guard dogs, especially in the country, and they always kept an eye on their territory. Small spitzs were particularly popular among women as lap dogs. The popularity of the breed goes so far back that in modern history that in 2003 they were declared to be an endangered domestic animal. Maybe a German spitz will find a new home with you?


Newsletter German Spitz

German Spitz
Pomeranian: 20–22 cm, Kleinspitz: 26–29 cm, Mittelspitz: 34–38 cm, Großspitz: 46–50 cm, Wolfsspitz: 49-55 cm at shoulder height
Pomeranian: up to 3 kg, Kleinspitz: up to 5 kg, Mittelspitz: up to 10 kg, Großspitz and Wolfsspitz: up to 20 kg
Fox-style head, “square body shape”, males have a curve in their back
dark, chestnut shaped and somewhat slanted
Spitz shaped
Coat and colour
black, white, brown, orange colours, brown, grey; also checked with a white base colour
Special features
four different sizes
happy and playful, watchful, eager to learn and very active
occasional brushing
small Spitzs are prone to luxating patella. Occasional hip joint problems, alopecia or hair loss

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Careful spitz!

The Spitz is one of the oldest German dog breeds even though its origins are not completely clear. However, there is evidence of spitz-type dogs living alongside humans 4,000 years ago. Due to their wide-spread use as guard dogs on farms and bourgeois households they were known to writers and artists. One German spitz who helped the breed became well known was in the tale of The Widow in Max and Moritz, a story compilation by Wilhelm Busch when the widow, Tibbets, wrongly punished her dog for her chicken disappearing when it was the boys who committed the crime. Spitzs have a reputation for being yappy. They are, indeed, happy to bark, however, whilst this is a desired trait for a guard dog, nowadays it’s something that not all neighbours will appreciate.

Character of a German spitz

An innate mistrust combined with incorruptibility and loyalty are central to the German spitz character. They are predestined to be look outs, keeping a close eye on their territory and letting you know if there is anything suspicious happening. Everything they trust will be defended. If they’re not at their look-out stations, these dogs are very friendly and loyal, sometimes even possessive who are very close to their owners and thoroughly enjoy a good stroke. The German spitz is, generally child friendly.

Training and keeping a German spitz

With merry playfulness and an eagerness to learn German spitzs need to have something to do. They are happy as guard, companion and family dogs. With lots of positive reinforcement and loving consistency training them is easy and easy to master, even if you have little experience with dogs. To properly keep a German spitz, you have to be waterproof, these dogs love the outdoors in wind, rain or shine. They are perfect companions for joggers, riders and cyclists. They also love agility. Since they don’t have much of a hunting instinct on forays into nature they don’t tend to go off on their own and they will be easy to call back to you. In residences with lots of neighbours they are not the most suitable pets since they bark a lot. Similar to poodles, you can find Spitzs in different sizes from Pomeranians to Wolfspitzs. The most well-known type is the Mittelspitz with a shoulder height of 34–38 cm and a weight of up to 10 kg. Apart from their size there is nothing to differentiate the different types.

Ein Deutscher Spitz liegt am Strand

Care of a German spitz

Surprisingly, the fluffy fur of the Spitz is not particularly hard to care for. Their coats repel dirt meaning occasional brushing is sufficient. On top of this, a German spitz is very clean and will keep themselves groomed. They are also generally healthy, robust dogs.


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