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Jack Russell Terrier - a Cheeky Little Dog That Causes a Stir

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein Jack Russell Terrier rennt über eine Wiese.

It is small, nimble and delights with its droll manner. The Jack Russell Terrier is a charming clown and at the same time extremely clever. This should not hide the fact that the little dog needs consistent training and an experienced owner – every Jack Russell Terrier is a thoroughbred hunting dog! However, if kept according to its character, it can develop into a well-balanced family dog.


Newsletter Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier
Great Britain
25 to 30 centimetres shoulder height
5 to 6 kilograms
length greater than height, hanging tail, stands up when moving
dark and almond-shaped
V-shaped and folded forward
Coat and colour
short, smooth, rough-haired or bristly; basic colour white, black, brown or tan markings.
Special features
clever and shrewd
fearless, self-confident, lively, friendly and intelligent
combing, brushing, in the case of rough-coated dogs regular trimming
occasional problems with the kneecap, ataxia (impaired coordination of movement) and myelopathy (disease of the spinal cord).

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The hunter from the rectory

This small terrier is named after its first breeder. The Reverend John Jack Russell was a passionate fox hunter and bred Fox Terriers. In 1890 he bought the female dog “Trump”, who became the progenitor of the Russell Terrier. After foxes were introduced to Australia at around 1850, hunting terriers were also needed on the new continent and breeding continued. The characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier, especially the build, are adapted to the local conditions. The British variety, correctly called Parson Russell Terrier, is a little more high-legged compared to the low-legged Australian line. The term Jack Russell Terrier is commonly used for both types.

Character of the Jack Russell Terrier

Fearlessness and self-confidence, even a slight delusion of grandeur, characterise the Jack Russell Terrier. This agile dog cannot hide his origins as a fearless hunter and chases everything that moves, from squirrels to the neighbour’s cat. With play sessions and retrieving, you can keep the hunting instinct in check. But be warned: the Jack Russell Terrier is a ball-lover who will stay enthusiastic for hours on end. Alert and cunning, Jack Russell Terriers also make good watchdogs. They are very affectionate and constantly seek contact with their owner. They will also vigorously defend their owner; other dogs or strangers are resolutely barked at. In fact, the Jack Russell Terrier is very communicative and brash.

Raising and keeping the Jack Russell Terrier

The training of the Jack Russell Terrier needs consistency and stimulation through exciting activities. If the dog does not get enough of this, it tends to get into mischief and also likes to play tricks on its owner. Jack Russell Terriers sometimes try to challenge the social hierarchy in the family pack. In this case, you must make it clear to the dog that you are the leader. They are usually well behaved with older children, but living with other pets should be tested carefully. Jack Russells love to dig and have no respect for well-kept flower beds. With good training, however, they will obey, can be called and can adapt their activities to their owner. This little bundle of energy needs a lot of exercise and ideally a property that it can guard and defend. Jack Russell Terriers feel comfortable with active people who devote a lot of time to them and like to romp with them.

Ein Jack Russell Terrier schläft.

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