Labradoodle – Cuddly and Exceptionally Friendly with a Big Heart

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Labradoodle läuft durch eine Pfütze

The lovable nature of the Labrador is combined with the non-shedding fur of the intelligent poodle – a Labradoodle makes a wonderful family pet with a bit of training. Because their great love of people is genetically anchored in both parent breeds, the Labradoodle also demonstrates this trait with an exceptionally friendly and positive personality. This joy-filled character is packaged in a mid-sized, curly-haired, cuddly pup.


Newsletter Labradoodle

mixed breed from the Labrador and Poodle (minature or standard)
30 to 71 centimetres shoulder height
10 to 40 kilogram
compliant, muscular and generally square with long legs
brown or black with a curious look
short or longer hanging ears
Coat and colour
three hair types from fine curls to nearly smooth, in various colours such as beige white, brown, black or brindled
Special features
appropriate for people with dog allergies, if born with poodle fur (test prior to purchase)
happy, intelligent, vigilant and playful
regular brushing and clipping, depending on the fur type
breed-specific tendency for eye, knee or hip diseases

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The search for the optimal family dog

Although there are hundreds of breeds of dog, many dog-loving families have a hard time finding the perfect family dog. The dog should be compatible with daily life, around knee height, playful and enjoy exercise, but not too demanding, cuddly, easy to train and – in the best case scenario – non-shedding. The Labrador fulfills the majority of these wishes, except that it leaves large quantities of hair around the house. Not so with the Poodle, which has special fur that doesn’t fall out and therefore spreads fewer allergens, which is why most people with allergies can live in the same house with this breed of dog without any problem.

The Labradoodle combines the characteristics of both breeds and is becoming increasingly beloved as a family dog. With the Australian Labradoodle, it is even on its way to becoming a new recognised breed.

The character of the Labradoodle

Labradoodle puppies receive personality traits from both parent breeds. It may be that one or the other comes through more strongly. The Labrador is considered a clown among dogs and is a real pal for kids. The short-haired hunting breed can also be exuberant and loves to eat.

Poodles are a bit more cautious by nature, though they are just as friendly and ready for fun. Because miniature poodles are somewhat livelier and more fidgety than standard poodles the Labradoodle will demonstrate varying energy levels, depending on its parents. Both the Labrador and the Poodle have been bred for a life without hunting tasks for a long time. However, a certain amount of hunting instinct is still possible in the Labradoodle. With retrieval exercises or tasks such as sleuthing games, the desire of this friendly mixed breed to work can be satisfied and obedience can be strengthened at the same time.

Training and husbandry of a Labradoodle

Like its parent breeds, the Labradoodle loves the company of people. Most of these curly dogs love to go with you everywhere, all the time. Which makes it all the more important that they practice staying alone every day, right from the start. When on the go, it is important to steer your Doodle’s friendliness so that it doesn’t jump up on people or run around. Due to the characteristics of the breed, the Labradoodle has a great desire to please. That means it is ready and willing to cooperate with people, making it easy to train. With some consistency, it will be an attentive and joyous companion and family dog. Labradoodles are also well-suited to challenging tasks, such as dog sports, sleuthing work and as therapy or visitation dogs.

Caring for a Labradoodle

Most Labradoodles have typical poodle fur – it is curly and grows continuously, without falling out. These dogs must be regularly brushed and clipped. The decision as to your dog’s hair style, however, is entirely yours. Whether it is a wild teddy cut, long locks or a practical close shave of a few milimetres – a Labradoodle is wonderfully diverse. The fur has to be shortened about every six to eight weeks. With good care, moderate feeding and lots of movement, a Labradoodle can live to be between 12 and 14 years old.

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