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Magyar Vizsla – Intelligent, Love for Playing and a Healthy Hunting Instinct

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein Magyar Vizsla Hund.

With his attentive look, hanging ears that perk up with curiosity and friendly nature, the Magyar Vizsla continues to delight ever more dog-lovers. The trim, mid-sized hunting dog with his smooth, easy-to-care-for coat in golden tones is easy to train, playful and friendly. Especially for active families that like to spend lots of time outside, this Hungarian pointer is the right dog.


Newsletter Magyar Vizsla

Magyar Vizsla
53 to 64 centimetres shoulder height
18 to 30 kilograms
long-legged, trim and muscular
oval and mid-sized, usually a bit darker than the facial colour
large, smooth hanging ears that frame the face
Coat and colour
Smooth, silky coat structure in a powerful golden colour
Special features
rarely pedigree lines with long, rough coat
highly intelligent, eager, active and playful
Tendency for epilepsy, eye, nerve and joint diseases
easy to care for (brushing, claw and ear care)

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From hunting dog to versatile companion

The Magyar Vizsla is a Hungarian breed. There are indications that an original hunting dog similar to the Vizsla lived and hunted with settlers around a thousand years ago in southern Europe. This dog was said to already have had the powerful, golden colouration we admire so much in this appealing dog. Breeding known today began in the 20th century. Originally bred primarily as pointers and hunting companions, the Magyar Vizsla has experienced a growing trend in recent years as a family dog. That is why it all the more important to take care when selecting a breeder and only purchase the puppy from a registered, recognised breeder.

Personality of the Magyar Vizsla

The Magyar Vizsla is known for its intelligence, love of romping and playing and a healthy helping of hunting instinct. He learns incredibly quickly and loves to work with his humans. In fact, work plays an important part in the life of this hunting breed. The Magyar Vizsla wants to be busy and longs for physical and mental challenges. Activities that require both the head and the nose are best. Play seeking games, like sniffing out a treat in the grass or leaves. This dog is also excellent at working with a dummy. Your Vizsla always wants new experiences and needs an opportunity to let off steam on a daily basis. When he is well socialised, training and challenged, this clever pointer is a wonderful companion in daily life and for active families.

Training and keeping a Magyar Vizsla

The smart Magyar Vizsla learns with and from you from his first day in his new home. Especially at the beginning, puppies play to learn about life – use this time to show your Vizsla the world! But: this lively, eager-to-learn breed needs lots of breaks, and it is just as important to train periods of calm as it is to play games or sports or learn commands. The dog’s hunting instinct should not be underestimated. Some lines of Magyar Vizsla are, even today, actively used as hunting dogs and preferably given to hunters. However, breeding lines intended as companion dogs still have a noticeable hunting instinct. This may make co-habitation with cats or small animals difficult. This works best when the puppy moves in with other existing pets. It is also possible that, while out walking, your Vizsla takes an interest in the wildlife. Good basic training and regular hunting replacement training as well as playtime can help you to control the hunting instinct.

Caring for a Magyar Vizsla

Conscientious brushing of the short, soft coat and an occasional bath with dog shampoo make for a lovely shine. It is recommended that you check the ears, teeth and claws around once a week. It is important for the health of your Magyar Vizsla that you keep an eye on his waistline. With good care, lots of movement and the right food, your golden hunting dog with the friendly, curious face can live up to 15 years.

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