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The Schnauzer – Sporty Friend to Horses and Humans Who Needs a Shave

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein weißer Schnauzer.

The Standard Schnauzer represents the original form of the three differently sized breeds. Giant and Miniature Schnauzer breeding is based on the genes of this brave hunter of rats, weasels and water fowl. Furthermore, the Schnauzer is a talented guard dog and family member. Brisk walks and regular brushing should be part of the daily routine.


Newsletter Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer
Southern Germany
Pinschers and Schnauzers
45 to 50 centimetres
14 to 20 kilograms
medium sized, robust, sturdy, muscular, back slopes to hindquarters
dark, lively and forward-facing, medium sized and oval
high-set folded ears, inner edge of ears laying on the cheeks
Coat and colour
wiry, hard and dense, thick undercoat and long covering coat; pure black or salt-and-pepper; lush eyebrows and beard
Special features
as a family dog, requires exercise; successful in dog sports, in rescue or seeking work or as a companion dog for horseback rising
courageous, quick, obedience and very easy to train; loves to play, friendly with children, vigilant, not a barker, males sometimes aggressive towards other animals, legendary cleverness and impossible to startle
daily brushing unavoidable, trim 2 to 3 times per year
especially robust, propensity for HD (his dysplasia)

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The farmer’s best friend, the hunter’s indispensable companion

He is known as a “ratter”, and the merciless pursuit of rats was one of the goals of breeding in the 19th century. As a barn dog, the Schnauzer lived together with horses and was the terror of any rodent. His consistent success was ensured by his overall talent – his intelligence, ability to learn and nearly inexhaustible robustness opened not only the doors to barns and hunting, but also to the hearts of the family to this loyal animal.

The character of the Schnauzer

Looking for a member of the family? Look no further! Hardly any breed brings together such a wonderful temperament with thoughtful action and affectionate devotion like the Schnauzer. Playful and agile, loyal and true, vigilant and incorruptible – the Schnauzer will prove himself a worthwhile member of the family. He loves to go on walks together, as well as playing with children. Here especially, he proves himself to be overly cautious and tolerant. Thanks to his medium size, he is fully capable to living in a flat, provided he gets enough exercise. Your neighbours will only rarely hear his barking. His devotion to humans qualifies this perky, bearded dog as the ideal companion and family dog.

Breeding and keeping this agile super-nose

Even puppies show the sociability with humans and animals the Schnauzers are born with. Training and bonding are easy to achieve when you challenge both his active nature and intelligence. That works well, for example, in dog sports. The Schnauzer only seeks out his basket when the work is done. Switching between a lively temperament and contemplative calm is typical for the breed. He is very affectionate and loves to play with children. His vigilance doesn’t require barking. His highly developed nose, ears and eyes are constantly on alert and are the cornerstones of his attentiveness.

Caring for a Schnauzer

Your home’s hoover will love it – Schnauzers shed very little. The typical trademark, the bearded snout, is always trendy and provides his unmistakable look. The dog has a double-layer coat, which makes him robust out-of-doors. The rough outer coat covers a short, soft undercoat. This combination requires daily brushing and regular trimming. The Schnauzer enjoys both if he has gotten used to the procedure at an early age.

Peculiarities and health

The Schnauzer has a propensity toward the heritable disease Hip Dysplasia (HD). This is a malformation of the hip joint, which makes movement impossible for an otherwise robust dog. When purchasing your Schnauzer, be very careful to find a breeding line without HD.

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