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A garden pond creates a whole new habitat

13.02.2023 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Ein Gartenteich.

A fish pond brings new life into your garden. So that you can enjoy your pond for years to come, it is important to consider several things when setting it up. Particular notice must be paid to water quality: Then it is this that has the greatest effect on the wellbeing of the fish and the stability of the pond’s own ecosystem.


All things come to those who wait

If you decide on the creation of a pond during the summer months and have it ready by the end of summer, it is wise to wait until the following spring before filling it with fish. Besides warmth, time is what is needed the most to create a lasting ecological balance in your garden pond. You should wait up to twelve weeks after completion of the pond at the earliest before adding the fish by and by. It is only after this time that the plants are acclimatised and the ecosystem strong enough to transform fish excrement into important nutrients.

The water quality is crucial

To be completely sure that the pond is ready to receive its new inhabitants, you should first test its water parameters. The ph-value should be between 6.5 and 8.5 °dKH and the chalk lime content of the water should not sink under 5 °dKH, better is 6 to 8 °dKH. You should also check the ammonia and nitrate levels at the start and repeat this at regular intervals. The use of water conditioners can be of help in attaining these values, which are easily determined via special rapid tests.

A natural environment for your sense of well-being

It is important to ensure that the water temperature is at least 10 °C and there is enough room for the pond inhabitants to swim as well as hide. When your pond contains enough oxygen and the water quality is good, the fish will surely feel at home.

To help prevent a lack of oxygen in the long-term, small waterfalls, fountains or stream elements are also useful. The use of freshwater pond mussels is a natural way to keep algae at bay.

What kind of fish can live in the pond?

Many species of fish feel completely at home in an average garden pond, some need a special habitat and others are not at all suitable for life in a pond. Goldfish are a particular garden pond favourite. Bitterling, gold orfe, moderlieschen, minnow and sticklebacks are further species that can be kept easily in a garden pond. The koi is just as popular as the goldfish. Because of its size however, it is only suited to life in larger ponds.



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