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Cat name: which to choose?

04.01.2024 - Reading time: 4 minutes

A portrait of a cat

When a cat moves in, the first thing you need to do is choose a suitable name. Here you will find inspiration for finding the perfect name for your cat.

You have just got a kitten or an adult cat that doesn’t yet have a name and you’re wondering which name to give to the new member of your family. Your cat’s name will stay with them for their whole life. So it’s best to take your time when choosing a cat name. If no name springs to mind, take a look at the suggested name examples.


Suggestions for the name of your cat

You’ve made the decision to welcome a cat into your family and now need to find a name for them. If you are lacking inspiration, the breeder may be able to help you with choosing a cat name. Your little companion will recognise a short, high-pitched name more easily. According to a study by Sophia University in Tokyo, cats, like dogs, are capable of distinguishing its name from other words.

Examples of names depending on the type of cat

The breed and character are criteria that may be taken into account when choosing a cat name. Wait until a few days after your new companion’s arrival before naming them. This will allow you to find out about their character and prevent you from calling a cat who tends to be lazy “Flash”.

Some breeds, such as the Maine Coon, are known for their energy. When you see your kitten bouncing from one corner of your living room to the other with her new ball, you may want to call them “Comet” or “Lightning”.

A magnificent Persian cat lounging on your sofa deserves a name like “Pasha” if it’s a male or “Duchess” for a female. Is your kitten a real little clown that is always looking for all kinds of mischief to amuse both themself and you? Funny cat names work well for this kind of crazy cat. What do you think of “Pikachu”, “Looping”, “Tagada”, “Gotcha” or “Rigolo”? Have you adopted two small fireballs? Then why not “Riri” and “Fifi” or “Tom” and “Jerry”? Upon arriving home, did your little furball pounce on their food and does eating seem to be one of their favourite activities? You can choose from a wide range of cat names to suit your little greedy friends: Garfield, Baloo, Dodu, Croquette, Obélix, Candy, Pancake…

However, be careful not to choose an offensive name. Even if your charming little pet doesn’t understand the meaning of the word, they deserve respect.

Examples of names depending on their colouring

The colouring is another good source of inspiration to help name your cat.

Here are some ideas for cat names depending on their coat:

  • Black cat: Blacky, Coffee, Azrael, Liquorice, Onyx, Cocoa, Bagheera, Witch, Zorro
  • White cat: Snow, Luna, Pearl, Angel, Alaska, Moon, Milky, Snowflake, Cloud, Tofu
  • Grey cat: Smokie, Grey, Graphite, Ombre, Silver, Ashes, Nebi
  • Ginger cat: Flame, Ginger, Mandy, Pumpkin, Carrot, Sunny, Curry, Pretzel
  • Tabby cat: Tiger, Tigris, Tigra, Marble, Raya, Chutney, Tabby, Feline, Lynxi, Taika
  • Black and white cat: Panda, Domino, Mikado, Piano, Felix, Sylvester, Oreo, Yin Yang, Pirate
  • Calico cat: Cali, Confetti, Mosaic, Festi, Muffin, Patchwork, Prisma, Trixie

Some breeds of cat, like the Siamese have a very specific and noble coat. The name of the cat should reflect this nobility if possible. A name from Greek mythology would be well suited: Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, Hera or Zeus.

chat marche et regarde de côté

Examples of snappy names

A snappy cat name is a great name that’s well remembered. If you have children, they will happily help you to find an unusual name for the new member of your family. They are often very creative and choosing a name together promises to be a great bonding experience. Anime, cartoon or your favourite film characters are good for ideas:

  • Names inspired by manga and anime: Naruto, Itachi, Kurisu, Sakata, Yagami, Zoro, Luffy, Sangoku
  • Names inspired by cartoons: Simba, Sarabi, Toulouse, Sylvester, Aladdin, Alfredo, Nemo, Hit Cat
  • Names inspired by the world of film: Crookshanks, Catwoman, Batman, Jack, Chewbacca, Iron Man

If you’re a music lover, show your style by giving your cat a name like “Jazz”, “Rocky”, “Indie” or “Rapi”. Some people also like to name their cat after their favourite band or use it to create a new name. It’s an original idea and there are probably very few cats that go by the name of “Ledzep” or “Beachboy”.

The top unisex cat names

Some cat names are suitable for both males and females. Who can say that Coco or Loco is more of a female cat name than a male cat name? If you want to give your little tiger an original name, you could give a female cat name to a male and vice versa. This won’t make any difference to your cat and the surprise when people discover that Rosa is in fact a big tomcat will amuse many. The most common unisex cat names in France include: Réglisse, Nougat, Oreo, Lucky, Gribouille, Fripouille, Cookie, Jazz, Angel, Baby and Eddie.

An incredible number of names are available for your new four-legged friend. Some are nice to hear, others are funny or are related to things you like. Choose a name that you like and that you enjoy saying. Say it several times out loud. This will help you to judge whether it’s suitable. If you are a family, discussing it with other members can produce good results. And if you can’t decide on one of the names, write down a few names you like on pieces of paper, put them in a bag and draw one at random.


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