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American Bulldog – Sensitive and Stubborn with a Lot of Strength

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Seitenprofil vom American Bulldog Hund an einer braunen Leine

A real bundle of energy for sporty, active dog-lovers – that is the American Bulldog. This imposing canine is a devoted family member, given consistent and affectionate training, but requires daily challenges. Extended walks, cycling tours or dog sports are the right thing for this powerful dog.


Newsletter American Bulldog

American Bulldog
not recognised by the FCI
Stands 56 to 69 centimetres (male), 51 to 64 centimetres (female) at the withers.
30 to 60 kilograms
solid, sturdy, muscular
small, dark eyes
medium sized hanging or “rose” ears
Coat and colour
short, thick, close; Colours: white, white with red, dun-coloured or brindle markings
Special features
considered dangerous in some German states, be sure to find a responsible breeder
self-confident, vigilant, sometimes stubborn, loyal, affectionate, child-friendly
Tendency towards partial deafness, excess weight and bone problems

An American dog with English ancestors

The American Bulldog most likely comes from the English Bulldog, brought by British immigrant to the United States in the 19th century. There, the dog was crossed with various other breeds, such as Pointers, Boxers and Dogo Argentinos. The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) does not recognise the American Bulldog as a breed. However, it is still wide-spread in the USA. There are several different lines: the lighter SCOTT standard type, the sturdy, heavy JOHNSON Bully/Classic type and the hybrid type, which is a mix of both.

In the USA, the power of this muscular dog is often employed during bear or wild boar hunting. As a watch dog, he is extremely popular. In Europe, most American Bulldogs live as family and companion dogs.

The personality of the American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is a self-confident, sometimes stubborn, very dominant dog that can become a cuddly family member with consistent yet affectionate training.

The vigilant canine has a sensitive nature and develops a close bond with his owner and family. With responsible training and good socialisation, he can also be a faithful playmate for children. But do not underestimate his power! You should never leave this bundle of energy with your children unsupervised. The American Bulldog is mistrustful of strangers and keeps his distance. There many be conflicts between males and other male dogs.

Training and keeping an American Bulldog

The American Bulldog needs training right from the start that is characterised by authority, trust and respect. In order to develop positive personality traits and good socialisation, the first 18 months are decisive. If you would like to adopt a puppy of this breed, you should be experienced with dogs or teach yourself some specifics. It is recommended you take your dog to an obedience school.

The robust Bulldog needs lots of exercise and mental activity so that he doesn’t engage in disruptive behaviours out of boredom: this dog loves long walks, cycling tours and extended playtime. He can challenge himself physically and mentally with dog sports, such as agility or tracking.

Caring for an American Bulldog

Coat care can hardly be called that: occasional brushing of the short coat is sufficient.

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Important note on the cultivated breed

The American Bulldog is a brachycephalic (short-headed) breed, which – if too pronounced – can lead to constant shortness of breath. The “Qualzuchtgutachten” (expert report on abusive breeding), drawn up in 1999 on behalf of the Federal Government and with the cooperation of the German Animal Welfare Association, recommends a breeding ban for hairless, extremely short-headed breeds (so-called brachycephalic breeds) and others in which extremes in body structure (very long back, severely bent legs, spinal changes, excessive coat growth, etc.) make a healthy life impossible.

As a responsible pet owner, who naturally attaches great importance to a healthy, unimpaired life for his four-legged friend, these indications should definitely be taken into account when deciding on a suitable breed, just as the question of excellent character traits.




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