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Large Dog Breeds Have Big Hearts - Find Out More About These Gentle Giants!

Bernese Mountain Dog – loving, large, cuddly dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is the right companion for you if you want a breed with a more leisurely temperament. The original breed name, Dürrbächler, after a village in the canton of Bern, did not catch on. Would the Bernese Mountain Dog have enjoyed the same popularity that it has today if it had kept its original name?

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Large dogs have big hearts – and take many people by storm. They have a natural serenity that is quickly transferred to their owners too. Dogs such as the Newfoundland or the Irish Wolfhound are loyal companions but they need a lot of space and consistent training. Find out here about these gentle giants!

Large dogs – serene giants with big hearts

Owning large dog breeds

Important considerations before purchase

Training large dogs consistently

Large dog breeds: the most important facts