Caucasian Shepherd Dog – Affectionate and Devoted Sheep in Dog’s Clothing

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Ein kaukasischer Owtscharka.

The Caucasian shepherd dog was bred to protect sheep and shepherds from wolves and bears. This is no job for cowards – the dog has a natural combativeness and is fearless. However, within the heart of its family, this dog shows its sensitive side – whereby it is both affectionate and devoted.


Newsletter Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian shepherd dog; Russian shepherd dog
Pinscher and Schnauzer – Molossus – Swiss mountain dog and other breeds
not smaller than 65 centimetres (males), not smaller than 62 centimetres (females)
over 50 kilograms (males), over 45 kilograms (females)
powerful to vigorous
dark, medium sized, oval
hanging, positioned high on the head
Coat and colour
smooth, coarse, thick and light undercoat; three variants: long haired with long top coat, short haired, transitional variety with long hair but without a mane; grey in different shades, yellow, beige
Special features
Herd guard dog; classified as a dangerous breed in Hamburg and Hessen
Sensitive and devoted within their family circle, fearless and intrepid with strangers, natural aggression
easy to care for, regular brushing
relatively primal and robust dogs

Born to protect

Lonesome plains, dangerous animals – the Caucasian shepherd dog was bred to protect sheep and shepherds from wolves and bears. In the Caucasus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Dagestan this fearless sheepdog has been doing its job for more than 600 years. The Caucasian shepherd dog is a large, powerful and imposing dog. the standard for the breed is a minimum of 62 centimetres for females and 65 centimetres for males. There are two types. In the Transcaucasian regions the dogs are generally massive in stature. The Steppe Caucasian is rather long-legged, light and has short hair. The breed standard maintained by Russia combines these two types into one standard. The Caucasian shepherd dog is tenacious, undemanding and resistant. It can adapt to all climactic conditions.

Characteristics and character of the Caucasian shepherd dog

Within their family circle the dogs are completely devoted and sensitive. They are calm and well-balanced animals. However, they are reserved and cautious with strangers. If threatened they will immediately adopt a defensive position and they have a natural aggressive instinct. They are observant guard dogs for house and home.

Training and care of the Caucasian shepherd dog

The Caucasian shepherd dog is an independent dog. It has a tendency to work by itself, demonstrating stubborn and highly confident traits that make training a challenge. The dogs need praise, love and patience, consistency and absolute authority. Socialise your puppy well and ensure he knows his place in the familial “pack” and he will become a wonderful companion. Training as a sheepdog is counterproductive, as his drive to guard and protect may well get out of control. Caucasian shepherd dogs love going places with their owners, but their need for movement is limited. What is absolutely necessary for this dog is a well-fenced garden. A screen is also advisable.

Caring for your Caucasian shepherd dog

Their fur does not need too much attention; regular brushing is enough. It is only when they are moulting that you will need to resort more frequently to the curry comb.

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Special features of the Caucasian shepherd dog

In Hamburg the Caucasian shepherd dog and crosses with this breed are considered dangerous dogs. Exemption is possible according to the Hamburg Dog Law, if the animal has successfully passed a personality test. In Hessen you may only keep a Caucasian shepherd dog if this has been officially authorised. You have to fulfil numerous requirements, including the ability to present a certificate of competence and a personality test for the dog. Also remember, because this dog is on the dangerous dogs list, you will have to pay a higher rate of dog tax.

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