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Bernedoodle – the Playful Mix of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Bernedoodle schaut in die Kamera

Are you looking for a balanced family dog that is both clever and playful as well as loving and laid-back? Then the Bernedoodle is a good choice. The blend of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog combines the character of both dog breeds. The Poodle/Bernese Mountain Dog mix is still a new breed of dog and offers you some special traits.


The clever designer dog or hybrid dog with a heart

Bernedoodles belong to the so-called designer dog or hybrid dog breeds. This means that breeders specifically pair two pedigree dogs with one another in order to combine the positive characteristics of both breeds with one another. In the case of the Bernedoodle, these are the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle.

The ideal Bernedoodle is a balanced mix of both dog breeds and has the following characteristics:

  • tousled, soft hair
  • muscular, well-shaped build
  • typical Bernese Mountain Dog floppy ears

With some pairings, the hybrid dogs have the typical three colours of the Bernese Mountain Dog. With others, the Poodle’s colours such as black, grey, brown or white stand out in particular.

In addition to this ideal visual appearance, the vagaries of nature also play an important role with the Bernedoodle. For instance, breeders often get litters that have an appearance very similar to that of the Poodle and hardly have anything of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Conversely, there are hybrid dogs that at first glance look like the Swiss herding dog and demonstrate little of the Poodle. This designer dog is thus visually very versatile and always something very special.

Bernedoodle – size

Bernedoodles come in different sizes, depending on which type of Poodle the Bernese Mountain Dog was paired with.

  • If the combination consists of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Standard or King Poodle, the Bernedoodle will be around 58 to 70 centimetres tall when fully grown.
  • If the breeders pair standard Bernese Mountain Dogs with miniature Poodles, the adult Bernedoodle reaches a size of 45 to 55 centimetres.
  • Smaller Bernedoodles with a shoulder height of 30 to 43 centimetres result from a cross of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Toy Poodle.

Character of the Bernedoodle

The Bernedoodle’s nature also depends very strongly on which of the two parent breeds is more pronounced. If the mix is balanced, you will get a friendly, open dog who is as playful and clever as a Poodle. At the same time, it is calmer and more placid than a pedigree Poodle through the influence of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

  • If the Poodle nature is more pronounced in the dog, the Bernedoodle may have an increased hunting instinct or the lively, energetic nature of this curly-haired breed of dog.
  • However, if the Bernese Mountain Dog is the dominant part, the hybrid dog will be rather quiet and affectionate, somewhat less playful and extremely placid.

Both breeds love to be outdoors. With a Bernedoodle you thus have a loyal companion for your outdoor activities at your side. This breed is also superbly suited as a family dog.

Keeping and care

The fur of the Bernedoodle is like the Poodle’s topcoat with its soft, curly hair. This fur is not shed and triggers fewer allergies than that of smooth-haired breeds. That is why these hybrid dogs are recommended for people who suffer from allergies.

As the fur stays on the body, you have to clip your Bernedoodle regularly every three months or take it to the dog parlour for fur care; otherwise, it will tend to become matted.

In addition, the floppy ears of the dog require attention. You should clean them regularly and, if necessary, remove hair from them to prevent ear inflammations. Tips and suitable care agents can be obtained from your vet.

Buying Bernedoodle puppies – what you should look out for

As Bernedoodles are designer dogs, no breeders are recognised by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique International) for this breed. There are thus no checks by the breeders’ association or any certified family trees. When assessing your breeder, you are therefore largely on your own. In order to find a reputable breeder, please look out for the following when buying a Bernedoodle puppy:

  • the health of the parent animals,
  • the husbandry of the dogs at the breeder’s,
  • the behaviour and the health of the puppies as well as
  • the impression that the breeder makes on you.

A good breeder for Bernedoodles has experience with this breed and will advise you with regard to the choice of the puppies, their traits and their training. In addition, the breeder of the Bernedoodles should come from Germany and welcome you to come and visit.


Newsletter Bernedoodle

Shoulder height of between 30 and 70 centimetres
Life expectancy:
up to 15 years
balanced, family-oriented, playful, open and friendly
Special features:
suitable for people with allergies thanks to its hypoallergenic fur
Coat care:
demanding; regular clipping required in most cases
Activity levels:
moderate need for exercise; regular lengthy walks required

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