English Cocker Spaniel – People-Orientated, Uncomplicated Family Dogs

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Ein Cocker Spaniel liegt auf dem Boden

Cheeky, occasionally stubborn and extremely loving. This little bundle of joy has conquered the hearts of the world. The English cocker spaniel is adaptable, friendly and loves to play. No wonder then, that they are consistently among the favourite dog breeds. Who knows? Maybe you will also fall in love with one of these bubbly, tail-wagging and good humoured charmers.


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English Cocker Spaniel
Great Britain
Trailing, fetching and water dogs
Males 39 to 41 cm at shoulder height – Females 38 to 39 cm at shoulder height
12.5 to 14.5 kilos
small average size, back drops slightly, large chest, strong paws, tail at back height, large paws
large, not prominent, dark with soft, alert look
long droopy ears
Coat and colour
Fur lies flat, soft, thick and silky, more fluffy on ears, stomach and tail; black, ginger, brown with variant colours
Special features
above-average sense of smell
cuddly, playful, loyal, temperamental
brush or comb on a daily basis, areas with long hair should be trimmed every two months
Prone to tumours, congenital vestibular syndrome (with deafness accompanying balance problems), lots of eye problems, e.g. retina detachment, allergies, ear infection, rarely Cocker rage

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Passionate for tracking and playing

Drawings from the 14th century suggest that an early form of the English cocker spaniel existed as a hunting dog and they, therefore, are among the oldest spaniel breeds. They also appeared in some of Shakespeare’s works. There were differences between Field spaniels and the smaller Cocking or Cocker spaniel. In the 19th century the career of the modern English cocker spaniel began in hunting circles. As a tracking dog they would chase poultry and small game in the underbrush putting them into the sights of their owner’s shotgun. The first spaniel club was founded in 1885 and the standards for the breed were defined. The English cocker spaniel has been recognised as its own breed since the 1940’s and has been well used as a sniffer dog for drugs as well.

English Cocker Spaniel character

English cocker spaniels embody people-orientated, uncomplicated family dogs with their character. They are affectionate and cuddly, love to play and bounce around. They spread good mood vibes with their nature. They can sometimes be stubborn. They’re very clingy to their owners but easily make friends with strangers and tend to be trusting. Cocker spaniels do like to bark which comes from their jobs as tracking and hunting dogs and should be considered when living in a building with others.

Training and keeping an English cocker spaniel

Any potential hints of stubbornness can be well managed with training and using the English cocker spaniel’s weakness for treats. By doing this your dog will quickly learn that they shouldn’t try to walk over their owners. They will be more than happy to cooperate when you challenge them mentally and physically with tasks using their sensitive noses. Thanks to their sporty and bright nature you will find English cocker spaniels the perfect free-time companion for jogging, cyclists and other activities.

Cocker spaniels particularly enjoy fetch games and take part in agility sport and swimming with all their energy and enthusiasm. If they have enough exercise outdoors Cocker spaniels are also suitable for homes without a garden.

Ein Cocker Spaniel läuft über eine Wiese.

Caring for an English cocker spaniel

When it comes to caring for their coat, brush them daily, and then book an appointment every two months at the dog salon to have your dog trimmed. In order to avoid infections and to ensure you’re finding grass seeds in good time, it is important to care for the ears since they are particularly droopy and can often contain foreign objects. Cocker spaniels are never going to turn down another bite. Ensure that your dog doesn’t become too fat. Other health issues they may have include tumours and balance problems, such as congenital vestibular syndrome. Cocker rage, a innate defect causing proneness to spontaneous outbursts of aggression are rare. The life expectancy of a Cocker spaniel is somewhere in the region of ten to 17 years old.

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