Maltipoo - the Charming Tousled Service Dog for the Whole Family

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Maltipoo Hund kaut an einem Snack

The Maltipoo combines the charm of the Maltese and the intelligence of the Poodle. The mix results in an alert, happy and playful family dog that is easy to train and to manage in daily life. Whether playing with the children, doing tricks with mum or cuddling with grandma – a Maltipoo is always enthusiastically part of the fun.


Newsletter Maltipoo

USA (nowadays worldwide)
Mixed breed (Maltese and toy or miniature poodle)
28 to 35 centimetres shoulder height
3 to 6 kilograms
small and slim
large to very large and dark
small to medium length, hanging
Coat and colour
soft, wavy or curly fuzzy coat in white, apricot, brown, black or brindled
Special features
uncomplicated companion
loves people and children, playful and happy
regular brushing and clipping, eye and ear care
Predisposition to some hereditary diseases such as eye and joint problems

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A fuzzy bundle of fun

Both the Poodle and the Maltese are old, well-known and popular dog breeds. The small, white Maltese can look back on a long tradition as a companion dog and even as a lapdog for ladies in high society and regal circles. For families with young, very active children, the Maltese is possibly a bit too small and fragile.
The mix with the miniature Poodle has created a slightly bigger, intelligent and easy-to-train dog, whose needs for exercise are moderate. The Poodle’s genes also increase the likelihood that this dog will not shed hair or will shed less.

Even though the Maltipoo is considered to be a designer dog and is viewed critically by breeders, it is becoming more popular every year

Character of the Maltipoo

The personality of this small, fuzzy dog is a combination of the characteristics that are typical for both the breeds of the parents. The miniature Poodle and the Maltese are such similar characters anyway that no unexpected surprises are anticipated by mixing.

The Maltipoo is a jolly, fun-loving and always good-natured dog. It loves a good cuddle and can spend hours with you on the sofa. And when playing with children its strengths come to the fore – they absolutely adore people and are very playful. Young Maltipoos can really be a bundle of energy and have a tendency to bark for ages. Fundamentally, they are just as friendly towards visitors and new people as with their own family, and they love to announce the arrival of guests with a lot of loud barking.

Training and husbandry of a Maltipoo

If you had to choose one word to describe this little bundle of fun, it would have to be “uncomplicated”. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need training. Socialisation and training should begin on the very first day. The Maltipoo doesn’t react anxiously to environmental stimuli, and in the first weeks in its new home it should be introduced to most of the elements of its future life.

A well-socialised Maltipoo is a calm companion that gets on excellently with other people and all other animals. This characteristic is a great advantage if you live in the city or if you would like to take you dog with you to the office. Both are perfectly possible, as long as you can factor in sufficient exercise and mental activity. Intelligence and search games as well as tricks are the ideal activities for this little mixed breed.

Care of a Maltipoo

The coat structure of the Maltipoo ranges from soft and long to curly. This all depends on whether the Poodle’s coat or the Maltese’s coat dominates. Both types of coat require a lot of care with daily brushing and regular visits to the groomer for trimming. The Maltipoo does not have an undercoat and so feels the cold very easily. In winter a coat is an absolute must when going out on walks.

Special features of the Maltipoo

Like most small dogs, the Maltipoo has a tendency to develop problems with the patella (kneecap). Consult your vet if you notice anything unusual in your dog’s gait or back legs. Regular, uniform movements such as long walks strengthen the muscles and are absolutely essential even for such a small dog. Eye diseases can also be a problem.

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