The Lively Pomeranian – Cute and Intelligent Little Ray of Sunshine

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Zwergspitz mit kleiner Schnauze

A Pomeranian is a small lively bundle of fur on four paws and as a companion and family dog it is extremely popular. The reasons for this are clear – this furry little friend with the trusting face and large button eyes is a confident and intelligent ray of sunshine that gives its owner great happiness if it is trained correctly.


Newsletter Pomeranian

Guard and service dogs
20 to 22 centimetres shoulder height
3 to 4.5 kilograms (average 3.5 kilograms)
square, harmonious, fox like
almond shaped in soft brown tones
pointed, upright and close together
Coat and colour
luxuriant coat with thick undercoat, frequent coat colours are black, white, orange or cream
Special features
very people oriented, particularly striking coat with such a small size
devoted, playful and very self-confident
weekly brushing to avoid matting
predisposition to knee, heart and lung disease

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From Pomerania to England and back again

The success story of the Pomeranian begins over 200 years ago. The first results of the breeding of particularly small sized Pomeranians were recorded in the region of Pomerania in Germany, and this also explains the origin of their English name. For a long time this smaller version of the Spitz languished almost in oblivion in Germany, and it only continued to be bred in England. The 1970s saw a revival in its popularity in Germany and it has gone from strength to strength since then. This is hardly surprising as this lively dog breed has many good qualities.

The character of the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a highly devoted and loving dog that adores people, but one that requires quite a lot of training. Although the Pomeranian is quite a lightweight at a mere 4.5 kilograms, it nevertheless likes to see itself as the protector of the family. It often proclaims this at full volume. Moreover, the Pomeranian has a reputation as the most loyal representative of its genus. Its focus on humans is a characteristic that many lovers of the breed find most endearing. Once the Pomeranian has identified its owner it is not so keen to let him or her out of its sight again. It thus effortlessly wins you over with its playful, friendly and lively manner.

Training and husbandry of a Pomeranian

Because the Pomeranian exudes so much self-confidence, it is important that it is properly trained from the start. Inexperienced owners should definitely enrol their new puppy in obedience school. Since the Pomeranian can display a sense of distrust, particularly towards other dogs, due to its protective instincts and its fixation on its owner, it is important for it to get to know other dogs in a puppy school or in the park from an early age. In this way your puppy can be socialised correctly. If you adopt an older Pomeranian, dog training sessions could still be very useful. Remember that a bit more patience and love will be required before you and your Pomeranian are really able to accept each other.
As the Pomeranian is excessively attached to its owner, you should not leave it alone for too long. Try to train your Pomeranian to accept being left alone from an early age, so that it is able to let you out of its sight every so often. This tiny dog generally needs no more than medium-length walks and learns easily and is quick to join in intelligent and breed-appropriate games. For example, training with a clicker is a great way of challenging your Pomeranian.

Care and special features of a Pomeranian

Since the Pomeranian has a thick undercoat, regular brushing is a must. In this way you will avoid matting. The small version of the Spitz is susceptible to knee, lung and heart problems. Thus regular check-ups at the vet are an absolute priority.

If you decide to buy a puppy, make sure that you seek out a reputable breeder. A member of the Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V. (German Spitz Association) who shows you the puppies with their mother in their home environment and explains any potential health problems to you, can be trusted as a reliable breeder. Moreover, the breeder should already have carried out the first steps, such as worming and implantation of a chip, and should provide you with the puppy’s vaccination certificate and pedigree certificate.

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