Samoyed – a Positive Great Hound Spirit All the Way from Siberia

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Samojede Hund steht vor einer Blumenwiese

With its characteristic “smile”, the Samoyed delights dog-lovers around the world. Once used as a working dog and fluffy heating blanket by the nomadic Samoyedic peoples of Siberia, this dog is now a beloved family member. This affectionate dog with bright, luxurious fur keeps his people on their toes with his romping and stamina.


Newsletter Samoyed

Spitz and ancient dogs; Section 1: Nordic sled dogs
53 to 57 centimetre
20 to 30 kilograms
powerful and muscular; high-set tail that is often carried to the side or bent over the back
medium brown to dark brown; blue eyes are excluded from breeding
small, wide-set standing ears with slightly rounded tips
Coat and colour
very thick and lush, thanks to the long outer coat and soft undercoat; pure white, bisquit and cream are possible colourations
Special features
typical “smile”, resulting from the position of the eyes and the slightly upward angle of the flews
amicable, friendly, self-confident, very active
brushing with a standard commercial dog brush; somewhat more often during shedding
regular check-ups with eye, heart and hip examinations help to keep your Samoyed healthy through old age

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A powerful sled dog and cuddly-soft bed-warmer

Pulling a sled, herding reindeer and keeping watch – the task the Samoyed fulfilled for hundreds of years in Russia’s Siberia varied widely. However, these dogs were much more than just working animals for the nomadic Nenet or Samoyed tribe – they slept with the people in their tents, kept them warm with their soft fur in the winter and provided their children with comfort and protection. During the 19th and 20th centuries, researchers used them as powerful sled dogs for expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

The personality of the Samoyed

As a sled dog, the Samoyed is exceptionally amiable and loves to romp. It is very attached to its family, loves children and impresses with its high level of intelligence. Thanks to its open nature, it is especially suitable as a therapy or visitation dog, though not so much as a guard dog – it just looks too friendly, and is far too friendly towards anyone it meets as well.

Training and keeping

This dog likes to be challenged, both mentally and physically. That means that it needs lots of movement and activities, daily and in any weather. People with an active lifestyle are therefore just right for this robust and engaging dog. Its hunting instinct is not particularly pronounced. When bored or lacking a challenge, it may very well try to go on a little adventure of its own outside a garden that is not totally secure. This dog only feels comfortable in a flat if it has the opportunity to spend lots of time on walks or hikes out of doors. Apart from the obligatory sled dog sports, we also recommend other intensive sports, such as agility or dog dancing.

When it comes to training, consistency and clear rules are required. You should reinforce these through positive motivation and lots of empathy, as the Samoyed is a self-confident and independent animal.

Caring for a Samoyed

The thick, lush fur in light colours is the trademark of the Samoyed and was originally meant to protect it from the Siberian cold. Thankfully, this rich fur is self-cleaning. Regular brushing is generally sufficient. It is especially important to provide fur care during puppyhood and during the shedding season. Dog shampoo and soap, on the other hand, should generally not come into contact with the fur, as they damage the dog’s own lanolin.

Size, weight and special features

Males typically get to be around 57 centimetres tall, while females reach a height of 53 centimetres. The weight ranges from 20 to 30 kilograms with a life-expectancy of 13 to 14 years. A notable feature is the so-called smile. This is caused by the slightly upward angle of the flews and visually perfectly reinforces the gentle nature of the dog. Due to its luxurious fur, the Samoyed is a beloved show dog.

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