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Spanish Water Dog - a Four-Legged Friend for the Whole Family

07.10.2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Spanischer Wasserhund steht auf einem Feld

The Spanish Water Dog is a must on any list of possible choices for a family dog. It offers everything that you require from a perfect companion: not too large and not too small, easy to look after and does not moult, easy to train, friendly, good with children and always in a good mood. There is simply nothing that speaks against this likeable tousled dog – except for the waiting lists at reputable breeders. Patience that pays off!


Newsletter Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog
Retrieval dogs – flushing dogs - water dogs
40 to 50 centimetres shoulder height
14 to 22 kilograms
compact, harmonious and muscular
large, dark and with a cheeky, alert look
short, triangular and framing the face
Coat and colour
dreadlock-like fur; large bandwidth of colours from white to cream and brown to black, also brindled and tricoloured
Special features
perfect companion for water sportsmen and women and outdoor enthusiasts
highly intelligent, playful, friendly towards humans and amusing
very easy to care for with removal of coarse dirt and untangling of curls
Tests required by the breeder to rule out any hereditary diseases

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Spanish Water Dog: the versatile companion

The Perro de Agua Espanol, as the Spanish Water Dog is known in Spanish, is an old Spanish breed of dog whose precise origin is unclear. Some historians presume that its ancestors were already alive when the Romans were in Spain. Over the course of the centuries, the water dogs took over many tasks, ranging from guarding sheep, the retrieval of hunted game from water and the guarding of the farms. To date, the breed is characterised in equal measure by its love of water and children. Over the last decades, the friendly tousled dog has become a sought-after family dog.

Character of the Spanish Water Dog

The dog equivalent of the jack of all trades loves swimming, long walks, wild games with other dogs and its owners as well as interesting and varied work for its mind and nose. The highly intelligent animal has a friendly, curious nature and can get enthusiastic about virtually everything – the main thing is that it is included and spends its time with its owners. The Spanish Water Dog is seen as eager to learn and as playful. It is hardly surprising that it is easy to train, easy to guide in everyday situations and easy to integrate into a family. However, it is also packed full of energy. It can “bubble over” at times, which is expressed in disobedience towards its master. If it is well socialised and well occupied, the Spanish Water Dog is a relaxed sofa dog that likes nothing more than to be stroked and cuddled devotedly.

Training and husbandry of the Spanish Water Dog

As cuddly as the little tousled dog looks – there is a working animal in the Spanish Water Dog that has worked as a herding and retrieval dog over many centuries. It needs the right task and is not satisfied in the long term with one long walk per day. Ideally, you should opt for a joint dog sport such as frisbee, lungeing, agility or dog dancing. Thanks to its versatility and a rather moderate hunting and herding instinct, the robust Spaniard is often seen as a companion dog alongside its owner on a bike or horse. You can make your water dog particularly happy if it is allowed to go swimming regularly.Retrieval and search games on and in the water match its nature and improve your bond with one another.

Caring for the Spanish Water Dog

The fur of the Spanish Water Dog was destined for a life outdoors. It protects it perfectly against moisture, cold and even overheating. The coarse curls that become twisted with one another should be regularly freed of burrs, sticks and other dirt and pulled apart. Also check its ears. The hair there will otherwise form a thick knot and thus promote the development of ear inflammations.

Health of the Spanish Water Dog

There are some hereditary diseases of the eye and joints that occur more frequently in the Spanish Water Dog. When purchasing such a dog, check that the parent animals have been tested for this. A healthy, well-cared for Spanish Water Dog can live to be 14.

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