Yorkshire Terrier – the Small, Headstrong Adventurer with a Big Personality

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Ein Yorkshire Terrier rennt über eine Wiese

Under the little ribbon that he jauntily wears on his head, two cute, bright little button eyes peek out that miss nothing. That’s the image we have of the Yorkshire Terrier from television. You might think he’s a cuddly toy, but you would be wrong – the Yorkshire Terrier is an agile action dog with a strong personality. That makes him a complex companion for experienced owners who won’t be cowed by this resolute little bundle of energy. However, once the Yorkshire Terrier has accepted you as the leader of the pack, he is a joyful and loyal companion that will be with you through thick and thin.


Newsletter Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier
Great Britain
22 to 24 centimetres shoulder height
small, compact, upright posture
dark button eyes
V-shaped, upright
Coat and colour
Mid-length to long fur, silky and shiny; colour steel blue with gold-coloured head and chest fur
Special features
sensitive digestion
funny, willful, spirited, courageous and affectionate
brush and comb daily, use special shampoo when bathing
Bronchial and lymphatic diseases, heart problems, frequently runny eyes, extremely common dental problems, such as hyperdontia and tartar

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The Yorkshire Terrier has had an almost fairy-tale career. Towards to the end of the 19th century, the less privileged population of Yorkshire in the North of England kept this little terrier as a working dog. It was his job to keep homes, cellars and the then newly built factory halls free of rats. The workplaces of the Yorkshire Terrier were dark, narrow and labyrinthian spaces where he might find cornered rodents at every turn. But soon the upper classes became aware of this droll little creature and brought him into high-class salons as a lapdog. From the alleyways to high society – even today, the Yorkshire Terrier enjoys considerable popularity as a cheeky, amiable companion. This little bundle of energy also spreads good cheer in hospitals and retirement and nursing homes.

The character and personality of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog with a strong personality. He approaches his surroundings with vigilance and courage and is prepared to defend himself and his family. These traits, and his surprisingly loud voice, are typical for terriers and the reason why this fearless pup doesn’t belong in the hands of a beginner. Given early socialisation, this dog generally gets on well with children and other animals. Apparently unaware of his size, he confidently confronts larger dogs. The Yorkshire Terrier loves his human “boss” and rewards you with great affection and his humourous ways. With an active and lively temperament, the Yorkshire Terrier is anything but a couch potato – this little dog needs big adventures and exciting walks.

Training and husbandry of a Yorkshire Terrier

Ein Yorkshire Terrier steht auf asphaltiertem Weg

As small as it is, the Yorkshire Terrier is not a dog for inexperienced owners. The dog knows precisely what he wants and has his own ideas. You should be consistant in training this willful little fur ball when he is a puppy, teach him obedience and give him definite rules and clear boundaries so that he doesn’t become a tiny terror. In order to provide an outlet for his need to move and his intelligence, the Yorkshire Terrier needs to move a lot. If you offer him diverse activities, you will have a well-balanced and amiable dog at your side. His convenient compact size makes it easy to keep him in a flat – provided he gets plenty of opportunities to go out to let off steam running free. Though it just looks silly on other dogs, it’s a trademark for the Yorkshire Terrier – tie up the long fur on his head with a ribbon or hair tie so that your dog can see where his tireless little paws are taking him.

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier

The long, silky fur of your Yorkshire Terrier requires special care. Alongside daily brushing and combing, the dog can also be occasionally bathed. To do this, use a special dog shampoo from a specialty shop that strengthens the structure of the fur. When feeding, you should pay attention to the fact that the Yorkshire Terrier has a sensitive digestive system and does not tolerate dietary changes well. Once you have chosen a brand, you should stick with it, if possible.

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