Everything You Need to Know About Dog Tricks, Games, and Sports

Good training isn’t everything: even the best-behaved dog starts to get bored when not given anything to do. A dog needs tasks that challenge it, guidance and continuous training. Whether your dog is a real partner on the job, a sports cannon or an entertainer: the guidebook tells you everything you need to know about breed-appropriate dog tricks, dog games and dog toys, training professional working dogs and sports you can do as a team with your little detective. Bite inhibition training and obedience on the leash is also included.

Make sure your dog exercises – mentally and physically

There is always talk about the need to exercise a dog and many people think that regular walks and play are enough to keep the dog busy. Both are important, of course, but to get the most out of your dog, you need a little more. Basically, a dog should be exercised on four levels that correspond to its breed-specific behaviour and social needs. So exercise is about your dog being able to use and fulfil its innate and breed-specific abilities and skills as much as possible.


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