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Travelling with a dog

If you’re planning to fly on holiday or travel by train with your dog, there are certain safety regulations. You should also find out about the entry requirements for the country you want to holiday in. Often, dogs without a microchip are not permitted to enter in the first place. In the following guide, find out about how to find reliable care for your dog and additional important information about travelling with a dog.

Travelling with a dog – a worry-free holiday

More and more people are taking their four-legged friend on holiday. This is generally a good thing, because dogs are very sociable and like to be close to their owners. They do not like to be separated from their family and miss their owners when they are travelling. But if you take your dog with you when you travel, there are a few things you should keep in mind. This starts with the right planning and preparation and ensuring your pet is comfortable and safe during the journey. The Maxi Zoo guide will give you tips on what to look out for when you’re on holiday with a dog, and the “Travelling with a dog” checklist will help you organise the essentials!


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Travel tips and tricks

Treating and preventing travel diseases

  • Symptoms
    • severe panting & shivering, increased salivation
    • Nausea & vomiting
  • Care
    • Do not feed for 12 hours prior to departure, drive at a moderate speed and take breaks
    • Keep medications from your vet to hand

Identifying a reputable dog kennel

  • Cleanliness (accommodation, food and water bowls)
  • Sufficient space and play areas
  • Sufficient diversions
  • Trained and affectionate personnel
  • No hazards

Please find out about required vaccinations in advance.

Infografik zur Hitzegefahr im Auto

Holidaying with a dog

Holidaying with dogs

It’s time for a holiday! The best time of year should bring the whole family together, and naturally the family dog should be a part of it. But travelling with a dog has to be planned well: packing the right food is just as important as planning enough breaks during the drive. Travelling in the car is the best way to go with a dog as you should avoid flying if at all possible!


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Zwei Hunde spielen miteinander am Strand.



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