Chewing Items – How to Know What You Can Give Your Dog to Chew On

07.12.2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Welpe liegt in seinem Welpenbett und kaut auf blauem Kauspielzeug

Chewing is good for dogs. It keeps them meaningfully occupied for a while, helps relieve tension and calm down, and also contributes to dental health because chewing rubs off plaque. For chewing to be really healthy, it is important to offer the right chew item.


Do not feed your dog real bones

It is important not to feed your dog animal bones. These can splinter and cause serious injuries in the throat, oesophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Even if bones that do not splinter are gnawed small, they can cause severe blockages.

Alternatives to bone feeding

There are some alternatives to bone feeding where you can’t go wrong. A tough one – and thus guaranteed to keep your dog busy for a long time – is cow scalps. The sticks are gladly accepted and worked on by most dogs. Cow ears also keep the “chewing muscles” moving. Pig’s ears are fatter and are eaten more quickly, and are particularly suitable for small dogs who would nibble on a cow’s ear for too long. Also on offer: buffalo and cow hide chews. Buffalo skin bones are particularly useful when dogs are changing teeth, but older dogs also like to eat them – especially if they have a rumen filling. Some dogs also love chewing shoes or chewing discs made of beef or buffalo skin. Both last a long time. Note that chews are often high in energy and must be included in the ration calculation.

Chew sticks and dental care sticks

For a snack between meals, there are chew sticks made of twisted beef skin, which are also suitable for smaller dogs. Or you can give a dental care stick once a day: this is designed to contribute to dental health and prevent plaque and tastes really good to most dogs.


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