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Due to increased order volume, our expected delivery dates may take longer than usual.

The Basket - a Fixed Place to Lie Down Is Important for Puppies

07.12.2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Welpe und Kitten liegen in einem Liegeplatz

It is very important that the puppy has a fixed place to lie down, where it can retreat for a nap and recharge its batteries.- and where you can send it sometimes, for example when the family is sitting around the dining table and eating. But where should it be and what should it look like?


The puppy’s place to lie down: near its humans

The best place for your puppy to lie down is close to you. Your puppy should be able to participate in your life and not be locked away alone. For example, you can set up a quiet corner in the living room so that your puppy can really switch off and relax.

Do not disturb!

Neither the children nor visitors should disturb it here. It should feel comfortable and safe. The best place to lie down is a blanket or a basket, because this way your puppy can define exactly where it wants to lie. Some dogs also feel very comfortable and safe in their crate.

Ideal for the night: a place to sleep next to your bed

Ideally, the puppy should be allowed to sleep in your bedroom at night, so it should also have a basket next to your bed, for example. Because the dog is a pack animal, and the pack also stays together at nigh, you offer each other protection. Whether you allow your puppy to sleep on the sofa or on the bed depends on your puppy’s character as well as your own preferences. For many dogs, an elevated place to lie down is preferable: from here they have a good overview, they can watch all the pack members and see immediately if a stranger approaches the house. This is why you have to be careful with territorial dogs, for example, because these dogs quickly get the feeling that it is their job to control everything. Make sure from the beginning that your dog does not choose such a place on its own. If it is only allowed on the sofa with your permission, it will not be a matter of course for it, which it can demand later on by growling. And if it lets you join him on the sofa, then everything is fine!


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