A Few Basic Things You Can Do to Help Your Puppy Learn Its Name

07.12.2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Ein Cavapoo rennt über eine Wiese

The first sign your puppy needs to learn when it comes to you from the breeder is the significance of its name. Ideally, the breeder will have already played with the puppies one on one during the last week, getting them used to their name. But even if this is not the case, your puppy will learn its name quickly if you pay attention to a few basic things. Keep these first “learning sessions” positive so that the little dog always associates its name with something positive!


Hearing the name means: looking at the person

The meaning that the name should have for your puppy is this: “Attention, watch out, this means you. Something is about to happen that is important to you.” So whenever the puppy hears its name, it should make contact with you and look at you, for example. You can then give it further information, e.g. give him the signal “Here” when you want it to come, or simply start a fun game with him.

Train in a distraction-free environment

To help your puppy learn its name, begin training in a quiet, distraction-free environment. At a time when your puppy is not looking at you, but also not completely absorbed in something else, call it by its name. It will look at you with interest, which you must immediately acknowledge with a great reward. It doesn’t matter whether you give your puppy a piece of food, start a game or just cuddle it as a reward. The important thing is that your puppy also perceives the action that follows the look as positive. So always find the right reward for your puppy and for the situation at hand.

Repeat the name training several times a day

Repeat this exercise several times a day. It is especially important for this exercise that something exciting happens for the puppy. If you have children, you should explain to them that at first only the adults are allowed to do this exercise. If the puppy hears its name all day long because one of the children calls it, it will eventually lose its meaning.


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