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Male dog names – several ideas

06.01.2024 - Reading time: 5 minutes

A dog tilts its head

When a dog moves in, the first thing to do is choose a suitable name. Here you'll find inspiration for finding the perfect name for your dog.

The arrival of a puppy or an adult dog to a home is a joyous event. Everyone is excited and thinking about everything the new family member will need. His cosy bed is already set up, some dog toys are awaiting his arrival and his food bowls are sparkling in the kitchen. The only thing left for you to do is find a male dog name for your adorable furball.


Which name for a male dog?

According to a study carried out by Hungarian scientists specialising in the language and behaviour of animals, dogs are capable of processing human language. The results of this research show that, contrary to what some think, it’s not just intonation that matters. Man’s best friend can distinguish a large number of words. One of the first words a puppy learns is its name. To help them remember it quickly, it’s best to choose a male dog name that is quite short. Two syllables are ideal, three may be suitable if the tones are clear. Consonants that are easy to identify, such as “t” or “k”, and distinct vowels help your dog to recognise his name more easily. Avoid choosing a male dog name that resembles the name of a family member or another pet. This could lead to unnecessary confusion. Your dog’s name also shouldn’t resemble a command. The famous dog Lassie has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and her name posed no problem in the United States. When she was asked to sit down, it was “sit” that she heard in English. In French, the command “assis” sounds too much like Lassie. It is therefore not recommended to give your dog this name in France. Figuring out what name to give your male dog can be a real headache.

To make your search easier, you can specify categories that you find interesting, such as:

  • Japanese male dog names
  • Norse or Celtic male dog names
  • Comic-inspired male dog names
  • Male dog names inspired by historical figures
  • Funny male dog names
  • Dog names related to their colouring

Find a Japanese male dog name

If you are a fan of the Japanese culture, manga and anime, you may want to give your dog the name of one of your favourite characters. Short and with distinct syllables, these names are perfect for a dog: Zoro, Kanda, Sanji, Kyô, Shôto, Yato, Sasuke… Or maybe it’s Japanese mythology that fascinates you? This also provides many suitable names for your dog. Here are a few examples:

  • Fujin – god of wind
  • Raiden – god of thunder and lightening
  • Ryujin – god of the sea
  • Hotei – god of generosity and fortune
  • Suijin – god of water
  • Tenjin – god of literature and learning

You simply like the Japanese language and want to find a male dog name with a nice meaning. These short names would work well:

  • Akai – red
  • Haru – spring
  • Fuyu – winter
  • Natsu – summer
  • Aki – autumn
  • Yuki – snow
  • Kawaii – cute

Norse or Celtic male dog names

If you prefer original names that inspire dreams of adventure, a Norse or Celtic dog name will certainly appeal to you. With their roots in mythology and history, these names are particularly well-suited to male dogs with a daring spirit. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Thor: god of thunder
  • Loki: one of the two main gods in Norse mythology
  • Fenris: giant wolf, son of Loki
  • Odin: the main god in Germanic mythology
  • Alviss: a dwarf in Norse mythology
  • Ragnar: semi-legendary king
  • Toutatis: another name for the Celtic god Teutates
  • Taranis: god of the sky and storms in Celtic mythology
A happy yellow lab dog sitting on a sidewalk.

Male dog names inspired by historical figures

If you’re a history buff, why not name your dog after one of your favourite historical heroes? If it’s a figure that particularly inspires you, you’ll love repeating their name regularly when you call and talk to your dog. You may find a name that suits your new four-legged friend perfectly in the following list:

  • Achilles: legendary hero of the Trojan War
  • Caesar: Roman emperor
  • Alexander: famous king of Macedonia
  • Ramesses: pharaoh of ancient Egypt
  • Attila: ruler of the Huns
  • Geronimo: Apache leader
  • Gengis: from Gengis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire
  • Jefferson: President of the United States
  • Socrates: Greek philosopher, whose pupil was Plato

Dog names related to their colouring

The colour of your dog is a great help when choosing a name. Whether your new companion is snowy-white or jet-black, there is a wide range of names to choose from:

  • White dog: Alaska, Snowflake, Ice, White Fang, Igloo, Crystal, Icecube, Milky, Snow, Cloud
  • Black dog: Blacky, Cocoa, Moka, Liquorice, Onyx, Choco, Night, Pepper, Zorro, Darko, Gothic, Mistik
  • Grey dog: Babar, Gray, Smoky, Ash, Granite, Macadam, Silver, Titan
  • Brown or red dog: Cookie, Havana, Carambar, Caramel, Golden, Honey, Brandy, Coyote, Toffee
  • Black and white dog: Bounty, Domino, Mikado, Pongo, Oreo, Panda, Black Pearl, Pirate

As with children, certain dog names are more popular than others and remain fashionable for several years. These names owe their popularity to various criteria, such as how easy they are to remember, their beauty or what they represent. Some popular dog names are:

  • Titus
  • Max
  • Rocky
  • Rex
  • Caramel
  • Ulysse
  • Black
  • Simba
  • Oscar
  • Happy
  • Cookie
  • Eliot
  • Samy
  • Billy
  • Bandit
  • Toby
  • Diego
  • Enzo
  • Junior
  • Milou
  • Ramses
  • Rocky
  • Sam
  • Teddy
  • Filou
  • Tomy

Some popular names honour famous dogs or fictional characters such as:

  • Pongo: the dog from the film 101 Dalmatians
  • Tramp: star of Lady and the Tramp
  • Idefix: Obelix’s brave little dog
  • Goofy: Micky Mouse’s friend
  • Snowy: Tintin’s companion in his many adventures
  • Scooby Doo: the cartoon star

Many owners also opt for a lucky dog name. The most common are:

  • Lucky
  • Banzai: long life in Japanese
  • Fortuna: luck, fortune in Italian
  • Happy
  • Spirit
  • Tenshi: angel in Japanese
  • Yuki: happiness in Japanese

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