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Female dog names: original, classic or with meaning

01.01.2024 - Reading time: 4 minutes

A portrait of a dog

When a dog moves in, the first thing you need to do is choose a suitable name. Here you can find inspiration for the perfect dog name.

You have decided to adopt or buy a female dog and you are preparing to make many positive changes to your life. Whether you live alone, with your partner or your family, the arrival of your female dog is an important event. You may have already thought about a name to give her, but are still lacking inspiration. A quick glance at our suggestions will definitely make it easier.


What should I call my female dog?

Giving your female dog a name is one of the first things you should do when that cute little furball moves into your home. But stay calm and take your time if you’re not yet sure which dog name is best. It’s better to wait a few days and be happy with your choice than regret it for years because you rushed into it. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to live with a dog for a while before naming it, to get to know its character a little. Even if your dog is still young, she will already have her own personality. Watch her, spend time with her and this will undoubtedly help you find a name that really suits her. If you’re torn between several names, say them out loud several times a day. You’ll probably notice that one of them is easier to pronounce. Some funny names are less amusing when you realise that they are difficult to say. Whether your female dog’s name is original, elegant or has a special meaning, it should be short and easy for your dog to recognise among other words. You’ll teach your puppy to respond to this name and it will then serve as the basis for the rest of your puppy’s training. Do this gently and reward your little furball with a pat or a little treat when they respond well to the call.

Unless you absolutely want an original or rare female dog name, there are plenty of good ideas among the most popular dog names. The easiest way to navigate these names is to classify them by theme. This allows you to make an initial selection and at least know what you don’t want. Write down the themes that come to mind on a sheet of paper and then cross out those that don’t inspire you at all. There should already be much less choice. You can also search for dog names related to the country of origin of your dog’s breed.

portrait d'un Golden Retriever

English female dog names

Dog breeds from the UK are numerous and popular. Some of the most popular are:

Is your dog an English breed? Perhaps you might like to give it a name that reflects its British origins. Here are a few examples:

  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Mary
  • Charlotte
  • Victoria
  • Lady
  • Jane
  • River
  • Pippa
  • Ruby
  • Lily
  • Joy
  • Grace
  • Emmy
  • Jenny

Most common names for female dogs in France

Based on I-CAD data (identification of domestic carnivores), the most common names given to female dogs in France in 2022 were Tina, Tess, Tara and Taiga. In 2023, they are currently Maya, Nala, Ruby, Naya, Nina and Roxy. Some names inspired by gastronomy are also very popular in France. Most of them, such as Sushi, Chai, Brownie, Milka and Pumpkin, can be used as unisex dog names.

Female dog names with meaning

You want a name to have a special meaning. You want your new little companion to have a name that best suits their personality and your taste. Asian culture is full of enchanting-sounding names.

Why not give your dog the name of an Indian goddess or deity:

  • Lakshmi: goddess of fortune, prosperity and wealth
  • Parvati: the lady of the mountain, wife of the god Shiva
  • Sita: deity symbol of fertility
  • Lalita: symbol of the divine joy that envelops the universe
  • Kali: goddess of transformation, destruction and preservation

Japanese deities from the various religious traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun also have dreamy names. The beauty of them will suit your new dog If some names are too long for you, modify them as you wish, for example by removing the “Ten” at the end.

Japanese female dog names:

  • Amamikyu: creation goddess
  • Okame: deity of mirth
  • Benzaiten: deity of knowledge, the arts and beauty
  • Kichijo Ten: deity of luck and fertility
  • Kishimojin: protective deity of children
  • Marishi Ten: deity of light and the sun
  • Toyouke: deity of food

In Celtic mythology, deities have a say. Their names are often made up of short syllables and are therefore suitable as female dog names.

Celtic female dog names:

  • Acionna: deity of rivers
  • Andraste: deity of victory
  • Artio: deity of bears
  • Belisama: deity of lakes, rivers and fire
  • Brixia: aquatic deity
  • Épona: deity of fertility
  • Litavis: earth deity
  • Senua: deity of sources

A melodic name spoken in a soft voice will have a soothing effect on your dog. If you’re more the energetic type and want your furball to accompany you on almost every adventure, an adventurous name might be the ideal choice. “Lara” will make you think of Lara Croft, a fictional character who’s not afraid of the cold, while “Aloy” will allude to the strong-willed heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn. Whichever name wins in the end, what matters the most is that your dog has good living conditions and feels loved. She’ll repay you a thousand times over in her own way, and when you love someone, you love their name too.


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